The fancy yarns

2020/2021 collection


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The fancy yarns / Autumn/Winter
2020/2021 collection

In an era when communication translates into instant messaging, everything is abbreviated through letters, symbols and shapes. At a first glance, Stellato looks like a simple caged yarn; However, every fiber is specifically combined to make it soft and vaporous. In fact, there are four mixed tops of wool, viscose and polyamide juxtaposed and surrounded by a colorful polyester tubing, which draws an intriguing diamond pattern on the thread. Moreover, the color difference is given by this just mention external part, since the base for all eight colors is a very elegant black. There are four strong and more contrasting shades against four other ones, which are subtle and more discreet. Only here and there, the bright color of the polyester glimpses, creating the effect of bright dots… exactly like when looking at the sky, seeking for the stars, it is necessary to linger a moment in order to eventually see the wonder.
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Stellato is mt. 105 (114.82 yards) approx to each 50 gram ball
Composition: 50% viscose 23% wool 23% nylon 4% polyester
Needles: Aran - Needles 6 mm UK4 US10 Tension 10x10= 19 sts/24 rows

patterns - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn
Available colours
  • 50 black/silver
  • 51 black/gold
  • 51 black/red
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100% Made in Italy
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