The fancy yarns

2014/2015 collection


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The fancy yarns / Autumn/Winter
2014/2015 collection

Would you like a fur effect on your garment but you do not know how to knit with needles? With the yarn Sultano and the Faidate method you can now create comfortable necks and scarfs with your hands. Have fun with all the accessories that you can armknit!


Sultano is approx. 26 mt long, in hanks of 200 gr.
Composition: 55% acrylic 37% wool 8% polyester
Needles: Needles: No needles are needed. The great news of the year is the Adriafil arm hand knitting Faidate method, conceived by Adriafil. You can also knit Sultano with needles 20.

patterns - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn Available colours
  • 70 shaded red
  • 71 shaded green
Dritto & Rovescio

The new issue 57 for our hand-knitting magazine is on line

100% Made in Italy
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