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New Shades – Knitcol

New shades for Adriafil’s easy jacquard. Knitcol, appreciated for its user friendly and unique style, is now available in 5 new fancies inspired to the kings of classical music: Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, Verdi, Bach. Ideal for any kind of use, colours 61, 63 and 65 evolve on different tones varying from lilac to red. Colour 64 plays with blue and green freshness, while 62 is vital and shiny thanks to its pink, orange, light blue, green and yellow.

New Shades - Mistero

Mistero’s success continues: already loved because of its lightness and original nuances, Mistero is now available in 4 more shades ideal for the upcoming season. Colour 40 is particularly interesting because it can be used for babies as well. Colours 41, 42 and 43 have all the different shades of burnt red: excellent for both men and women pullovers.

Knitting Trends - America Revives the Ancient Passion

The ancient art of knitting is back into fashion: United States set this trend which not only has supporters such as Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts and Russel Crowe but also more than 40 millions followers from all over the world. The "Knit Cafè" is the right place where people gather once a week for knitting and share this passion, which has also involved men, pushed at first by wives and girlfriends. Knit Cafès dealing with Adriafil are growing faster and faster, starting from U.S. they arrived also in Italy, France and Great Britain!

Summer 2012 Trends - Beachrobes in Crochet

Good news for who’s getting ready for this summer: directly from Los Angeles, Victoria’s Secret models present the new beachrobe collection totally made in crochet. An incredible result, thanks to an update of an ancient passion, the crochet, which leads to unique and trendy patterns. Adriafil renews its Crochet & Embroidery 100% pure Egyptian cotton yarn range: Doppio Ritorto e Uno a Mako’ available in white, ecrù e coloured tones are the perfect solution for a fashionable bathrobe!

Pattern Idea – Rafia

Rafia pattern’s bag and hat, in Dritto&Rovescio n°52, show the naturalness and versatility of our Rafia yarn which is having a great feedback. Bringing over the freshness of summer, Rafia is perfect for hats, bags, shawls and flowers. This pattern, playing with violet and lighted red, is lively, trendy and classic at the same time. Rafia is also available in nuances for giving free reign to any kind of idea.

Pattern Idea – Galà

Cardigan Theodora is one of the many different ideas suggested by Dritto&Rovescio n°52, made with our singular yarn Galà. Thanks to its particular fancy and brightness accentuated by a little lurex thread, Galà makes this pattern a great success. The fringes effect, mixed with Galà peculiar shades, leads to a unique and catchy result.

Pattern Idea – Cheope

Dritto&Rovescio n°52 presents many new ideas which will give you the right inspiration for 2012 summer season. The top Michelle, made with our Cheope, comes as a mixture of a classic yarn and a fantasy knitting: the result? A really nice and refined pattern reminding sea waves, simply by the combined use of white and blue tones. Michelle is fresh and soft thanks to the quality of a 100% pure egyptian cotton yarn.

A successful yarn - Rafia

Natural, innovative and versatile: these are the characterizing features which make Rafia a real success. This yarn, 100% pulp wood, is getting more and more often used for exclusive patterns, such as bags, belts and fashion hats. Adriafil gamma stands out both in plain colours and nuances.

Wool and Cotton For the Mid Season - Duo

Our yarn Duo is perfect for the mid season: soft and light, while warm and comfortable at the same time. Thanks to the wool and cotton blend, Duo is really versatile and suitable for any circumstance. Non-allergenic and gentle, excellent for babies and for a delicate skin.

New summer collection 2012 - Yarn Poema

Like verses of a poem, colorful nuances compose the pattern of the garment. Poema is a yarn composed of 100% egiptian cotton, machine washable and 135 mt long. It is suitable for both adults and children. Presented in 6 different multicolours suitable for every personalities.

New Summer Collection 2012 - Yarn Energia

Vitality and movement for this shiny yarn. The little “flags” inserted in the yarn, create a wavy effect on the surface of the garment. At the touch it is a remarkably comfortable and soft yarn. Energia well represents the fanciness and the originality that has always been linked to Adriafil products.

Adriafil at Handarbeit exhibition in Cologne 2012

Adriafil is pleased to participate, as every year, to the Handarbeit exhibition in Cologne, on the 23rd , 24th and 25th of March. During this event, the professionals in this field will appreciate our new winter collection and the new pattern trends for 2013. All our products are rigorously Made in Italy, Adriafil will present yarns in unique colors and patterns, focusing on the high quality of the composition. You are all invited! We are waiting for you!

Multicolour summer mittens

Very nice mittens knitted in Fiore by the ravelrer "womblefish" in the Uk. Fiore is a yarn in 100% cotton that creates a multicolour summer effect on a cream ground. Soft and comfortable, Fiore will look really stylish on your arms this summer!

Navy - the cotton yarn for the mid-season

With the coming spring you need to choose well your outfit and your fibers. Navy is a chunky cotton that can protect you from cold days without being too hot on your skin. Presented in a nice range of natural and pastel colours, Nav shows well the stitched employed to knit the garment, thaks to its thickness.

SMAC exhibition in Paris - Adriafil shows the new 2013 winter collection

Adriafil will attend, like every year, the SMAC exhibition in Paris at "porte de Versailles", on the 18th and 19th of march. During the two days of trade fair, professionals will assist the presentation of the new winter collection and the new pattern trends for 2013. Faithful to the philosophy of Made in Italy, Adriafil will launch original yarns as concerning fanciness and colours, focusing on the quality of the composition. You are all invited to our stand

Shawl fashion

If on one side this year's trend shows easy-to-knit scarfs to make by hand or with a simple crochet, on the other side there are still many knitters that engage themselves in fabulous crocheted shawls, enriched with decorated patterns. This picture was sent by a ravelry fan that made the shawl with Zephir 50, the Adriafil lace yarn.

Carezza - The softness of angora

A delicate scarf knitted with only two balls of Carezza, the Adriafil angora yarn. The softness of the colour and of the fibre are improved by a nylon component that gives resistance to the thread. The result is very appreciated by our knitters, mainly since when Adriafil launched 4 new colours in the collection. Pic by "Yarn Café", uk shop

Adriafil - ICHF exhibition in Birmingham

Exhibition "Craft Hobby & Stitch" in Birmingham - Adriafil confirmed its presence in the UK market through this event that addresses all the professionals in the field of knitting yarns, following the success of last year. At the Adriafil Stand it was possible for visitors to see the latest news and fibres of the knitting industry Made in Italy for spring and winter 2012. Classic and fancy yarns were presented during the exhibition, supported by fashionable designs.

Chunky yarns for accessories

Adriafil promotes it best products to be knitted with chunky needles. Candy and Charme are some of the more classic references, nontheless whoever wants to work with something different can choose one of the multicoloured shades of Baba. This yarn is perfect for accessories, as the one shown in the above picture. The light and shade effects and the peculiar structure make unique and amusing items.

AIGUILLES EN FETE - Exhibition in Paris - 9-10 11-12th of february

February 2012 - "Aiguilles en fete" exhibition in Paris - Adriafil confirms its attendance to this popular public exhibition, following the success of last year. At the Adriafil stand knitters will be able to try the quality linked to the Made in Italy production: classic and fancy yarns with their fashionable patterns.

Fingerless gloves in 100% merino

The fingerless gloves in 100% merino that we propose today are really elegant. The idea comes from the shop Knitwise in Ormskirk and what is needed for it is the yarn REGINA, Adriafil merino machine washable, available in more than 30 different colours. We cannot deny it: classic patterns never go out of style...

Shawl in Candy

A wonderful example of warm and wrapping shawl with a braid pattern in the middle, knitted with the yarn CANDY. Thanks to the shop Tricottiamo in Italy to share the picture with us. We remind knitters that the new 5 shades of this yarn are now available in the collection.

Knitting Idea - Poncho Sierra Andina

A child pattern that is having a great success in this period is the set poncho-hat knitted in Sierra Andina. There is nothing better than the softness and the thermic properties of the Adriafil alpaca for your children in teh winter time. A simple pattern with a touch of class and originality.

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