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"Please click here to enlarge the image... you will discover a simple and easy idea to be realized with our "Explosion"…"

September 2002 EXPLOSION

"First page! Our "Explosion"fascinates the specialized press in the hand-knitting yarns field. A lot of simple ideas to be realized.."

Special Yarn

"Yarn Angel. The lamè component is suggested in five different fancies, but in the same combination of shiny colours. For your special time, you absolutely need special yarns…"

Collection 2002/3

Casual, warm, soft..... Let you be surprised by the new Adriafil yarns collection.

Knit Magazine

"It is ready our new Dritto& this issue a lot of beautiful novelties! New stylists suggest you fashionable models for our new Winter yarns: more ideas than usual!

Adriafil's magazine 32

"Issue 32 of our Dritto&Rovescio hand-knitting magazine is now on line! You will find nice ideas and models for the Summer season, but also for the fresh Autumn or Spring temperature.... "

New collection

The new collection Autumn/Winter is rich of beautiful novelties. You have the opportunity to find the best knitting ideas on the new Dritto&Rovescio issue, the magazine for women which love the hand-knitting work.

Summer Yarns

"The fancy yarn is always very attractive! Chic, Vanity, Line, Pineapple, Tender, and Cocktail: the real passion in hand-knitting work. "

The Knit Magazine

"We start to talk about the new yarns for the coming Spring/Summer season. The new Dritto&Rovescio issue is now ready and will follow you in the choice of the best yarns.You can find the new magazine at the outlets where you usually buy Adriafil's yarns. In the case you won't find it, please send us an e-mail or call the +39 0541 383706 to receive all the information you need!!"

Explosion Yarn

Dedicated to the shops and to the knitters which love the special yarns: this new beautiful yarn is really a great temptation! Adriafil's Autumn/Winter collection is full of very attractive news. Don't loose Adriafil pre-view!

Navy Yarn

"The classic yarn suitable is each moment…The middle season exists! We invite you to wear this season with the soft and elegant Egyptian cottons... With Navy, Memphis and Cheope you will obtain garments suitable for each occasion. "

Summer Yarns

"A very nice and attractive range of new yarns for the coming Spring/Summer season. A lot of new ideas: Chic, Vanity, Line, Pineapple, Tender, and Cocktail (see left). Already available in your Adriafil's shop.... "

New Yarns

"Special new-entry in our range of colours!! Beautiful and attractive shades for Planet, Baba, Stars, Stars multicolor, Charme e New Zealand multicolor."

Gold Yarn

"Adriafil has created for your a complete line of "gold" yarns which will certainly satisfy this season trend. Golden or lamè clothes are really in fashion now.You have the opportunity to chose from 8 different ideas!"

March 2001

We submit to your special attention the more claimed and appreciated yarns of this period: Navy, Tender, Papua, Cuba. Both of these articles and all the new ones from the new collection are presented on the web-catalogue. Have a nice time with our yarns! We have added new pictures for the following qualities: Kid Mohair, Mousse, New Zealand, Avantgarde, Avantgarde baby, Future, Globe e Globe uni, Llama, Merino, Mirage, Odeon Lamè, Papua.

February 2001

"Right this month it is available the new issue of "Dritto&Rovescio". Obviously the magazine gives you the chance to admire the new collection of yarns for the Spring/Summer season: on the magazine we are very glad to present and suggest you new original ideas to knit our new yarns. You can find the new magazine at the outlets where you usually buy our Adriafil yarns. In the case you don't have a contact, please send us an e-mail or call the 0039 0541 383706 to receive all the information you need!!"

April 2001

"The weather is not ready to became clearly summer and warm… this is absolutly the perfect time to wear the Navy yarn, thick cotton suitable for all the season! "

Maggio 2001

"DRITTO & ROVESCIO issue is available in the best Adriafil's outlets. The new fashionable ideas for hand-knitting yarns are ready for you!! In this issue you will find original designs for the best hand-knitting fashion. How to knit easily but always trendy!!"

Agosto - Settembre 2001

The new collection is on-line! Have a look to the new pages where we introduced the new yarns for the coming Fall/Winter season! Just a click to discover all our novelties for yarns and colours... You will find fancies and warm, light, soft.....exciting colours!!

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Dritto & Rovescio

The new issue 66 for our hand-knitting magazine is on line

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