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Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Sugar

This very soft yarn is realized in delicate or shaded colours, it is perfect for knitting light and comfortable garments in matching colours. Sugar and Taffy are elastic yarns, they have the capacity to stick to your body without undesired deformation. They give harmony and movement to the most classic knitting but without renounce to the comfort and elegance.

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Look

Look is an innovative yarn characterizes by evident contrasts that join together sporting fashion and fantasy. Soft hand and pleasant at touch, it is suitable for the creation of unusual garments. It is proposed in a classic colours range but also in a shocking one: the final effect is super!

Un’altra vera innovazione nel mondo dei filati: il filato gioiello. Vero Oro e argento creano e disegnano su un filo da lavorare a mano! L’effetto creato č di quelli che lasciano il segno: fascino ed eleganza. Non perdere l’occasione di vestire con un tocco di magia.

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Party

Another real innovation in yarns world: the jewel yarn. The trims in gold and silver create an effect really glamour… this beautiful yarn gives every your knitting charm and elegance. Don’t miss the opportunity to wear with a magic touch.

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Fizzy

The collection becomes funny and happy for the special “explosive effect” created by this nice yarn! It is used both for decorating and for bordering the sweater, or for realizing new and fashionable accessories for every flavour. Fizzy makes your knitting really unique with a touch of charme!

Kid mohair: the magic fibre

Adriafil’s Kid Mohair comes from snow-white and bright kid mohair’s fleece and it is available in many colours. The Angora kids breed (from Ankara) exists from more than 3000 years. Its hair is normally sheared on April. The sheared production’s weight is, on average, about 1,6 kg for kid. The average Mohair thinness is 36 micron, but in little kids is 24 – 25 microns. Kid Mohair is a high quality material: it can be used either for winter pulls or for spring-summer pulls. It gives more lightness, freshness, brightness and it allows to avoid creases.

The yarn creativity: when you wish knitting

“Creativity is the idea and the capacity to create the yarns in an original way following the fashion trends, but always in the respect of the hand-knitting rules. This means to take into consideration what knitters want: novelties, colours, special effects, but always yarns easy to knit and comfortable. This is the big experience >>.”

Winter yarn 2005/2006: the yarn After

This Winter let you fascinate by the new yarn which produce a special chromatic effect: its base is natural white; the colour seems wrapping the yarn in a “big hug”. It results a warm effect sweetly multicoloured. It is optimum for fast knitting and for wonderful scarves.

A new way of being: Action, Vintage, Happy, yarns come new.

With a wrapping pull you are never wrong. Preciousness of an hand knitted item with an Adriafil’s yarn makes yourself special in every event. Action,Vintage and Happy yarns have a new range of colours and they can give you a new way to look.

KID MOHAIR means fashion

It is as a warm soft cloud, coloured and light that wraps your body. Kid Mohair of highest quality to make warmer your pullover in the winter time. You can use it together with other yarns in your knitting: you will have wonderful results. Kid Mohair comes only from young kids of kid mohair that makes the most fine and precious mohair.

Adriafil’s new collection for your desire for knitting

Adriafil’s new collection is under the knitters’ eyes with passion and quality. Passion is the research of new yarns, new colours, new effects. Quality in the choice of all materials and production processes. New colours, new yarns and in addition new ideas in our magazine Dritto & Rovescio… Adriafil wish to satisfy everybody’s desire.

Adriafil's magazine 39

"It is ready our new Dritto& this issue a lot of beautiful novelties! New stylists suggest you fashionable models for our new Winter yarns: more ideas than usual!ON LINE RIGHT NOW"

Ideas for knitting: a resource to discover

Adriadil offers you an endless range of ideas for knitting or for crocheting. Visit the on line section for our models: you will find fashion ideas, classic, models for children and baby.. Everything always with detailed instructions and diagrams: your idea is waiting for you. You can also easily go to the page of the yarn used for knitting the model..

Elastic yarn comes new: Jumping melange

Elastic yarn comes new. More softness, perfect elasticity for a better sticking effect and new colours. A result that will continue to amaze you for the sensuality that can give to your body. Easy to knit, softer right on your skin, now it is proposed also in melange colours tone on tone.

Natural Raffia by Adriafil

With this special yarns, which Adriafil proposes in an all-natural material, you can express your imagination freely and realize ever so many accessories. Bags, belts, armlets, hats, fringes and many more… You can knit just it or together with other Adriafil yarns: you will find some ideas on “Dritto&Rovescio”, the hand-knitting magazine by Adriafil!

The new collection: the yarnCHANCE

“Chance” is a yarn composed of cotton and viscose worked together skilfully. The models created with this yarn have an elegant brightness: it is perfect for your special moments…

Summer yarns 2005: Swing yarn

Swing yarn is one of the most thoughtful and joyful yarns of our collection…Simply and lively, it comes in a range of colours that reflects the new fashion trend. It can be used for all kind of knittings and for every knitted items you wish to make…

Summer yarns 2005: SAHARA yarn

Based coloured sand yarn enriched with a waved effect yarn that gives to it a spray of colour. A taste that melts practical of use and fashion trend. Sahara creates a soft and airy knit, and thanks to its particular twisting, the freshness sensation you wish.

Summer yarns 2005: PUFF yarn

A stimulant look with a very sweet and pleasant hand. Puff is a technical yarn that exalts the features of confort and softness. It is very trendy also for the brilliant colours that will be a big attraction to the today’s more and more careful customers.

Summer yarns 2005: OCEAN yarn

Simple but very technical, Ocean belongs to Stretch family, the most demanded elastic yarn. This version is the thinnest from all of that proposed since today, in perfect fashion trend. This comfortable and generous yarn can be in sea colour for knit according to the summer time.

Summer yarns 2005: JASMINE yarn

Our collection comes funny and joyful thanks to the wonderful effect of this yarn: knitted looks like an Arabian fabric with its wonderful play of light. Also the wealth of its fabric and the art of its composition exalts touch and lightness.

Summer yarns: FLUO yarn

The article FLUO is surely intriguing: fluorescent colours are the biggest innovation of season. You can make super coloured and trendy pull giving a big free creativity sensation.

Summer yarns: HARMONY yarn

Adriafil’s innovative research makes yarns simply in appearance, but they are very technical and modern. This work allows to highlight features that this yarn owns. The use of a new fibre (lenpur) obtained from wood in accord with nature, gives silk confort, softness that remember cashemire and linen freshness; all of this in just one yarn.

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