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Summer yarns 2005: JASMINE yarn

Our collection comes funny and joyful thanks to the wonderful effect of this yarn: knitted looks like an Arabian fabric with its wonderful play of light. Also the wealth of its fabric and the art of its composition exalts touch and lightness.

Summer yarns: FLUO yarn

The article FLUO is surely intriguing: fluorescent colours are the biggest innovation of season. You can make super coloured and trendy pull giving a big free creativity sensation.

Summer yarns: HARMONY yarn

Adriafil’s innovative research makes yarns simply in appearance, but they are very technical and modern. This work allows to highlight features that this yarn owns. The use of a new fibre (lenpur) obtained from wood in accord with nature, gives silk confort, softness that remember cashemire and linen freshness; all of this in just one yarn.

GUYS yarn with new colours

Guys yarn composition expresses a softness without limits. You can choose either light colours or gaudy nuances to make the pull you have in your mind…

Twin and Set: the twin yarns

Beautiful yarns in our collection! The yarn Set is created for knitting an attractive sweater: pure and very soft wool. You can chose to knit the yarn Set alone or with the yarn Twin for creating special effects. The melange colours are the same in the two yarns. Try to imagine a sweater knitted with our Twin, but the neck exclusively made with the Set. An exciting idea!

Knitting time

Winter biting cold encourages to knit soft, hot and voluminous yarns. Our new collection suggests you many varieties which will incite your fantasy: Vintage, Candy, Guys, Nuance, Action…and many others!

The new hand-knitting magazinePurchase it on line!

In this issue you will find 80 new patterns leaflets which will satisfy your wish of knitting! You will have the chance to realize a lot of nice sweaters, jackets and accessories …and combine them together. Many yarns are used in these creations: you will discover a lot of novelties… Please remember that you can order Dritto & Rovescio on line too, easily at your home!

Hand-knitted accessories

Hats, scarves, bags: on the new magazine easy and young ideas, always trendy. Knitting is a dream with the new Adriafil fancies..

The hand-knitting joy: the yarn HAPPY

The Happy is one of the most exuberant and gay yarns. The range of colours increases the joy of people which knit it. This is a thick yarn characterized by a soft and warm aspect; it is perfect for knitting jackets and big pulls. Our Happy is composed by pure virgin wool and dyed multicolour…

The new ideas: Dritto & Rovescio n° 37

It is available in our shops the new issue of Adriafil hand-knitting magazine! You will find many new ideas knitted with the newest yarns from the beautiful Winter collection. In this issue no less than 80 patterns with pictures instructions and graphics easy to follow… If you don’t’ find the magazine, you have the opportunity to order it directly on line in our section “How to purchase Dritto & Rovescio”…

A collection for the sweet well-being..

The new collection is totally renewed, a lot of surprises for you! We want to satisfy the wishes of all the knitters which like to knit think yarns, soft and voluminous wool, often amusing yarns. Here the new yarns "Action", "Vintage", "Twin" e "Set". With our new yarns it is easy to create garments against the cold weather and for your sweet well-being-

The funny Adriafil’s yarns

A yarn has to convey exclusive sensation: comfort, practicalness, warmth….. for this reason we give a lot of importance to the compositions and the processes which create the yarn. The yarns convey sensations around you: our yarns look and colours are always studied following the main trends, but also respecting the characteristic of each yarns, of each quality. Here you are elegant yarns, sports and witty, gay yarns…. a different yarn for each different situation

Yarn "JUMPING": stretch for the Winter

Following to the big success during the last year for our elastic yarn "JUMPING", the new Winter collection suggests you, in addition to the solid colours, a new and exclusive range of shades. They are special shaded colours which can make you garment more interesting and different, without thinking about special stitches..

The "Bolero": a fashionable idea

The "Bolero", a shot jacket easy to be knitted, is always an original and absolutely fashionable idea. Knitted with Adriafil yarns it becomes an exclusive garment you can realise very quickly. On the new magazine you can find some examples ….here left a model knitted with the yarns Guys and Angel

Preview magazine: area baby and not only…

Space to the ideas!! On Dritto & Rovescio issue 37 you find a lot of space dedicated to the patterns for children, boys and baby: really a full magazine!

The new yarn offer: autumn winter 2004/2005

A choice of yarns really exclusive. New yarns, new colours, new effects: we are ready to satisfy any new wish of knitting... Comfort and fashion, elegance and preciousness, cheerful are the “key words” of our evolutions. Especially here are the new entries: Action, Vintage, Twin, Set, Mars, Jumping stampato, Beauty, Happy.. Welcome in the fantastic yarns’ world where you are the protagonist!..

Hand-knitting superimpositions: previeuw Dritto & Rovescio

Two beautiful yarns for creating very attractive combinations. The new magazine shows how to realise a fantastic range of models with the special yarns studied exactly to be combined together… don’t miss it

Novelties for the new season: it is arriving..

It is nice to imagine the content of the new collection as well as the content of the new Hand-knitting magazine “Dritto & Rovescio”. We love to know that in few days all our novelties will be shows at your eyes ..We worked hard for offering you a collection really up-dated, with many new ideas, fashion, exceptional yarns …and a magazine where the contents are increased and the ideas always richer. We wish to satisfy everybody with our yarns and our knitting-ideas..

Sales -10 -20 -30 -50

Now it is the right time!! Now you can have many chances for purchasing beautiful yarns at discounted prices. For some countries, if you visit our area called

The new yarns for Spring/Summer

A lot of new colours for Papua, Tender, Rainbow, Life, Reflex, Prestige and Line. And, like flowers in Spring, the new Adriafil yarns blossom suddenly: Chance, Color, Frou Frou, Fruit, Nature, Spice, Stretch. Both classic and fashion colours are proposed also for Navy, Cheope and Memphis yarns.

The new yarns collection

Two new themes have been introduced: Elegance and Fantasy. Spice, Stretch and Chance yarns come under the first while Frou Frou, Color, Fruit, Papua and Ibiza come under the sign of Adriafil fantasy. Look at them carefully and of course you will find the suitable yarn for your knitting-work!

The Egyptian-cotton ribbon

Precious cotton for the Adriafil ribbon. Multicolour hues (Tender) or plain colours (Papua) for a great success. With the ribbon you can create lots of things : vests, top, accessories and many more. Besides Papua and Tender you can also create your models with Ibiza: the fancy ribbon by Adriafil !

The new ideas of Dritto&Rovescio:here there are the new contents!

Close-fitting lines together with classic and lively colours enchant everyone. Ideas for everybody!!! Fashion takes a lively turn with shorts, bikinis and pareos, fringes and tops that bare shoulders to the sun triggering alluring sensuality. Classic tastes are also catered for with pullovers, cardigans, dresses, hats, and bags…..of course. The girl fashion line is free and easy for a original and “cool” look. The crochet section gives patterns for costumes and dress trims as well as lovely ideas for for every occasion. You can buy "Dritto&Rovescio" on-line ...>>

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Dritto & Rovescio

The new issue 66 for our hand-knitting magazine is on line

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