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A garment with only two balls:PERU'

Another printed project signed “Adriafil”. It is a delightful and innovative fashion shade which is displayed on the thread in form of colourful lines. The combination and the sequence of colours are the secret of the beauty of the final Perù shades. Conceived in CONVENIENT 200 gr. balls in order to make beautiful garments by using only two balls!!

VIRGOLA: soft fancy mohair

Virgola yarn (“wisp”)is a rich fancy yarn in soft mohair minutely processed. It appears as a soft bouclé thread made unique by a “wisp” that shows all the liveliness of this article.

Autumnal colours: MISTERO

For its softness and lightness this yarn is presented in a series of mysterious shades, inspired by the autumnal colours. Extraordinary price for such a peculiar yarn.

OPTICAL: the fantasy in your life

The Optical yarn offers you high quality and design at a fair price. Extraordinary optical effects deriving from coloured illusions in shape of “flames” on a black & white base.

The shades of FUMETTO

A fine twisting characterizes the Fumetto yarn (“smoky”), together with a double print and a “flame” which gives it an irresistible highlight effect thanks to its marvellous autumnal colours.

PurCachemire 100% made in Italy

The most precious, the most sophisticate, the sweetest... A true gift in the collection. The jewel of all yarns has arrived. 100% pure Cachemire. 100% first quality in Italy guaranteed. Offered in a beautiful range of lively and delicate or classic colours.

Here the new issue of Ditto & Rovescio for the coming AUTUMN WINTER 08/09

Hand knitted garments are very trendy! See the fashion with Adriafil and its beautiful ideas for knitting a fashionable exclusive garment..... amusing yourself!


Our time is characterised by wellness and ecological care and this is the context where this yarn has been created. Its shades remind us the nature and in fact natural fibres make up this yarn. Silk and linen give a special touch to this wonderful yarn.


A cotton yarn, which is characterised by delicate shades enriched by coloured spots that make the stitch lively. All colours are new fashion shades wisely matched: pastel shades such as water green, lilac and pink; sandy shades as rust, beige and brown; gaudy colours as green-yellow and orange; deep colours as purple and blue.


A 100% cotton yarn dyed with a brand-new technique. Its shades merge with separated stripes on plain coloured base. Two are the suggested shades on five coloured bases.


As a delicious colourful fruit salad, this 100% cotton yarn is a mix of colours with a vintage effect. The yarn is proposed in six shades of which each one is composed of 3 nuances. This yarn is suitable even for children.

Waves of cotton create a curvilinear and fashionable effect on the surface of the garment. Like droplets of water on the skin, the polyester makes Sorrento transparent and ready to please the eye.


For those who prefer a more moderate and delicate range of nuances to the explosion of all the summer colours, Adriafil suggests the new colours of Nature. Fulfil your dreams of elegance by trying the new lavender and light green of the Nature collection: because summer has to be lived at the same time in a fancy but moderate way, innovative but classy, for both children and adults.


A lavender that matches with the wild green of the Mediterranean landscape, a Fuchsia that reminds us of the eccentricity of a new approaching summer, an emerald green to be combined with the most romantic sunsets by the seaside. The cotton Memphis is proposed for Summer 2008 with new fashionable colours able to satisfy the summer needs of the youngers and the taste and the elegance of the adults. By now famous for the bright effects that characterize the yarn, Memphis allows you to bloom with the new season.


The freshness of its colours reminds us of the happiness in the summertime. The velvety sinuosity of the cotton that composes it remindes us of the fresh breeze by the seaside: it’s Tender, the ribbon 100% Egyptian cotton, multicolour version of Adriafil “Papua”, which welcomes the summer with the three new colours: Rainbow Confetti Underwood The colours speak by themselves! The yarn is a certainty! Summer can finally begin!

“Ricamo 8”: the yarn to embroider

Seize the opportunity to embroider! Small balls of 20gr in many colours for your embroideries and crochet-works: a versatile, cheap and high-quality yarn!

Adriafil for crochet: the “Doppio Ritorto”

It is a very precious Egyptian cotton spun and dyed skilfully by Adriafil. It is very profitable for its packing in balls of 100 gr. The wonderful colours are solid and bright. Choose the thickness according to the crochet recommended or looking at the name on the ball : your works will be forever young!!! And …… a very Special Offer is waiting for everyone who buys these yarns on-line: right now you can benefit of a very attractive discount! Enter the shopping area and check this big opportunity!!!

Attention to Adriafil Miro

It is a yarn 100% natural fur, you can chose to knit or crochet the fur to obtain necks or any kind of border. It will make your sweaters original, precious and very attractive.You only need a small piece of this yarn on your sweater and it will look “magic”! The available colours are perfect to be knitted with the yarns of Adriafil collection. ..>>

PRIMULA & GENZIANA: 3 new grey colours 82 83 84

Grey: a trendy classic color. The grey colours never fade and Adriafil propose them once again in a wide range of new models. Namely, the new grey colours are already available for the two soft 100% merino wool yarns: Genziana and Primula that have been praised for their high quality. A great occasion to try out Adriafil fashion and best quality!

Your hands create

Taste Happy, Baba, Planet and Graphic yarns. These yarns will widely satisfy you: yarn goes fast on your knitting needles and you'll quickly finish your knitting.

Fantasy and practicality: Adriafil’s multicolour yarns.

Adriafil’s multicolour yarns offer you wonderful colours combination on extremely practical and convenient yarns. They are simple to knit and they can be used for man, female and child knitting ideas: taste Globe, New Zealand and special Avangarde baby quality!

Adriafil classic yarns

Always elegant and precious, Adriafil classic yarns are produced with the best raw material and careful modern production processes. In this way we want to maintain all wool property and assure the same quality and look for many years. All Adriafil yarns are produced in Italy following the careful and modern Adriafil standards.

Embroidery & crocheting: pure Egyptian cotton

From the great Adriafil experience and the high quality of the pure Egyptian cotton, was born the big collection of yarns for embroidery and crocheting. We can offer you optimal results both for hand and for machine workings, natural colours and new researched shades... at a very special price. Doppio Ritorto, Faraone, Uno A Ritorto, Ricamo 8.

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