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Ewa Crochet: Crocheted accessories

Ewa Crochet regularly collaborates with Adriafil. In the latest released magasine you can find pattern of crocheted accessories. A nicly decorated bag that will suit young knitters.

Lace Knitting with Zephir 50

The popularity of lace knitting is spreading always more. Many are the Adriafil retailers that already have Zephir 50 in a good color collection in their shop. Zephir is a two-ply blended yarn that has always been demanded because ideal for machine work; today it serves the purpose of lace knitting. Zephir is a very price-effective yarn - also thanks to the presentation in hanks - it is presented in more than 20 shades, reaching a length of more than a 1000 mt.

Cashmere II - Curiosities and production.

The Cashmere fibre is obtained from the undercoat of the Kashmir goat's abdomen. Between the animal skin and the outer rougher layer of the coat, Cashmere filament grows thicker during the long himalayan winters. Then, with the spring moulting season, the fibre is sheared, carefully washed and the dehairing process takes place, to separate the more noble hair from the outer coarser one. Cashmere is now ready to be dyed and spun into yarn, while the rougher fibre is employed for non-apparel products. So, what are the advantages of wearing Cashmere? Certainly, the insulating property of this material - light and warm at the same time - and the resistance to wrinkling, its durability and the natural growth in softness through use.

Knitting ideas: "Orange twist", knitted with Stella Alpina yarn.

A new sparkling idea to colour winter time with Adriafil classics. Marina Orry releases a new sleevless cardigan with a intriguing pattern to it, carried out with 100% superwash merino yarn Stella Alpina. It is an aran weight yarn, still slim fitting and elegant, that holds colder weather well. Check the page and download the pattern instructions.

Knitting targets young people

In the last few years we witness an unprecedented attention from the knitting market towards younger people. Knitting renews itself continually, also learning from them. Many are the youth that, in order to learn this great hobby, subscribe to knitting classe, open blogs on the internet to exchange opinions, invent new ways of making art with needles in their hands and try to make up their on look. The latest fashion is the knit-café, where friends can knit and drink something together, relaxing and enjoying the nice atmosphere. Adriafil always supports these initiatives and works for the creation of yarns able to meet youth's taste.

Knitting ideas - Gaia thick shawl

Chunky weight is one of the fashions that are coming back for the autumn-winter 2010. It is the perfect occasion to introduce a new pattern idea with Charme, a classic Adriafil yarn that associates cashmere and extrafine merino in a thick thread for with incredibly soft result. Gaia shawl is suitable for both the mid-season and the winter season, combining it with a long sleeve shirt. It is at the same time elegant and easy to make.

Know further about... Cashmere: history and curiosities - part I

Cashmere (also Cachemire) takes its name from the Himalayan region of Kashmir, where goats grow a wool of rare quality and softness, incredibly light and resistant. Although already known in the 11th century, Cashmere became popular in Europe during the napoleonic era (beginning of 19th c.) due to the shawls trade. They were first imported and then France started its own manufacturing process. Today, raw Cashmere production is still fairly limited. Think that one goat of the high plateaus in Asia can grow only 150 gr of fiber. This means that in a year, goats produce enough wool to just make a scarf. Nevertheless, Cashmere quality and durability make of this fiber one of the most renowned and demanded products in the world.

Primula - Soft Extrafine merino

In order to start September in the right way, Adriafil suggests Primula, a soft yarn with such a quality that through the years has brought great value to our classic collection. Try the comfort of a pure merino made in such a rich and precious fiber. The way it is twisted exhalts the smoothness and elegance of the product. Choose one of the 22 colours and knit your way towards a soft and comfortable autumn period.

Trysordy Crafts stimulates the fantasy

Directly from Wales, always been renowned for the passion for knitting, come fresh and genuine ideas for whoever wants a change in its knitting project. Trysordy Crafts ( is a small Welsh online business that propose you crochet patterns of all kind of items able to decorate your house, the room of your children, everydays objects and your personal style. Toys, scarfs, centerpieces and hats made with Regina, Genziana, Knitcol and other yarns of Adriafil classic collection. Each one of our new collaborations always translates in several new ideas for you...

New Magasine Dritto & Rovescio n. 49

The new magasine Dritto & Rovescio for the autumn-winter 2010 is now available at your local Adriafil retailer. New pattern ideas, presented in the fashionable colours of the coming season, to let you the pleasure of creating cutting-edge patterns. Two patterns for each yarn of the new collection 2010/11 to start with, allow you to choose the one that suits you better. You will also find a wider selection of patterns for the classic collection for those who love pure fibers and merino wool garments.

Available now the new colours for Adriafil Mistero!

Mistero is proving to be a very successful yarn in the Adriafil collection. Thanks to its particular construction - a thick but soft and light thread - Mistero is chosen for pulls, scarfs, hats and accessories for all events. Today the collection is made of four new fashion colour for next season /intense red, green and purple) to give a autumnal touch to your late summer patterns.

New Zealand: new fancy colors

The new shades of the NEW ZEALAND yarn are available. With 200 mt for 100 gr., New Zealand is proving one of the most loved Adriafil classic yarns for its robustness, wool content and structure that gives you a pleasant effect on the garment. It is a warm and versatile article for all kind of knitting projects, as you can see from the patterns that we provide you with every year. The new colours show purple and intense green and red. They will renew the fancy New Zealand collection for more and more lively garments.

Duo Plus new shades

Three new shades are now available for the Duo Plus range. Adriafil constantly tries to study new shades combinations for your garments, well considering the fashion trends of the months to come. The exclusive Adriafil wool-cotton mix is the right yarn for all seasons.

On August we support Miriam Tegels

The initiatives and the commitment of our speedknitter Miriam Tegels are endless. After the conclusion of the knitting retreat “knitting the nature”, at which Adriafil has collaborated by donating yarns, Miriam will attend on August the 14th the competition “Back to Back Challenge” in Sterling, Scotland, in order to attempt a new Guinness World Record. In this attempt Miriam - with a team of other 7 knitters - will shear a sheep, spin the yarn and create a men’s sweater. In order to reach a new world record, Miriam and her team will have to conclude the whole contest in under 4 hours, 51 minutes and 14 seconds. The “winning sweater” will then be raffled, with funds going to Médécins sans Frontières. Let’s all together cross our fingers for Miriam and her team, who Adriafil continues to sponsor during her initiatives.

Knitting Ideas - Yarn CHEOPE - Diamante Cardigan

The knitting idea of the month is a classic yarn in pure Egyptian cotton. The Diamante Cardigan is a reinterpretation of the double-breasted jacket in which the line of buttons has been substituted by a confortable zipper. This pattern is very refined even if still casual, matching with a "lingerie style" skirt. Cheope is a classic of the Adriafil summer line: great performance, machine washable and with a good price for the quality.


We want to share the picture of the window of one of our French retailers. Thanks to Knitcol and Caracas- the jaquard yarn in merino wool and blended wool - it is possible to set up a very colorful window for the summer period. Madame Delot was very satified about them and she showed it to us.

Purchase recommendations...

Being producers of high quality yarn, we know well how - sometimes - a pattern knitted up with our yarn can be "more expensive". We believe very important, though, to remind you that knitting is a hobby that requires great attention, a good amount of time and pacience. Time and money must be well invested and can be easily wasted by purchasing a product of an only apparent good quality. It is worth spending slightly more for the certainty of working with a longlasting product, to experience directly the advantages of spending well one's resources, by knitting with a pure wool yarn, with natural fibres or with an Egyptian cotton more than an Indian one. It is worth checking dyelots on a regular bases and even purchasing one ball more, to be sure not to be without the right shade at the end of the project. It is worth visiting and asking for advice to the local retailer and buying yarn from him, instead of blindly purchasing clearances anywhere. Because saving does not necessarily mean spending less. It means knowing exactly what one is purchasing, knowing the origin and quality of a product that can last more and give you more satisfaction through time. This is what Adriafil daily tries to give to its customers through all its selling points. This is what you must pretend from your suppliers.

Yarn Venezia - Quality and brightness on cotton.

The Venezia yarn is proving to be very successful for the second year now, thanks to its brightness and texture. It is ideal for shawls or summer jackets to be worn at night or for nice little hints of sparkling originality on your dress. Venezia is a yarn in Egyptian cotton enriched with transparent threads that create a sparkly effect on the garment. Look for patterns in the Magazine section.

National day of knitting in France: more and more initiatives for keen knitters.

More and more initiatives and knitting ideas from the national day of knitting in France. Mme Mortet of the Joce Laine shop in Besancon sent us pictures of some realisations with the yarn Yuppi. Yuppi is a blended yarn, characterised by very lively printed colours, suitable for garments and socks. It is a fine yarn with an excellent performance in the ball (225 mt in 50 gr.). We want to thank Joce Laine for the collaboration.

“Knitting in Nature” with Miriam Tegels

This year will take place the third edition of “Knitting in Nature”, the knitting retreat organised by the speedknitter Miriam Tegels. The aim of this initiative is to teach the art of knitting surrounded by a relaxing and natural environment. For this purpose, Miriam and her husband will host 14 knitting guests from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The entire event will take place from July 12th to the 16th, during which Miriam will teach knitting workshops in the morning. Adriafil will support this initiative by donating its yarn Stella Alpina on the occasion of the workshop “Cables without cabling needle” on the morning of July 15. Will follow pictures of the final creations.

National Knitting day in France: knitting ideas

Adriafil would like to thank Madame Laure Barbey in Versaille, Gil et Puce shop, for her projects knitted during the national day of Knitting. Gil et Puce only works for baby and children knitting and for the occasion sent us pictures of a pull knitted up in CHEOPE and a mini garment in REGINA with matching shoes that we are happy to publish in our website. The two patterns have been donated to the "Maison de Tom Puce", a center that helps young mothers to carry out pregnancy and avoid abortion.

A magic summer with Adriafil Spazio

In view of a cheerful summer Adriafil wants you to astonish everyone with the Bolero Zaffiro illustrated in the 48th number of Dritto&Rovescio. This pattern realised with Adriafil yarn Spazio, will follow you during all your summer nights, making them more special thanks to its unique effect. According to the colour that you choose this fresh yarn has different lighting effects. Where the polyamide soul of the thread is bright the pattern creates blank spaces and the knitted surface seems transparent. Where the polyamide soul is dark, the cotton acquires more brightness.

Snappy ball: the certainty of classic yarns

Adriafil quality has always been a certainty. If you combine this to yarns like Snappy Ball, it becomes also a convenient choice during the years. Snappy Ball is a pure cotton yarn that stands out for its impeccable quality and elegance, underlined by sober colours. The 540 meters of each of the 200 gr ball of Snappy, makes this yarn very convenient, enabling who knits with it to make up an entire child pattern with a single ball.

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