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Mistero in vertical effect.

Very original pattern made with the yarn Mistero. The classic shade white/grey/black is proving very successful this year. In this case the originality consists in a vertical effect given to the vest. A simple but interestingly unusual idea from Sylvie Boissière.

Knitcol for boys.

Knitcol is a great yarn to be worked for children patterns. It was conceived to satisfy also the tastes of your boys. Take the brown, beige, orange and black colour: it is perfect for men/boys jumpers and stays very delicate thanks to the alternation of light and dark colours. This is an example sent by Sylvie Boissière.

RAP yarn: Adriafil pure wool

This is another idea with Rap, a multicoloured pure wool yarn that never goes out of style. As you can see, the possibilities to knit with merino wool in Adriafil are many. Fancy printed yarns of all kinds and a great variety of plain colours, available in all needles.

the fancy CAPRICCIO yarn

A new pattern suggested by the Mercerie d'Alexandrine with the yarn Capriccio. This orange sleevless pull blends the elegance of the texture of Capriccio with its brightest colour, to bring a sunny touch during the coldest months of the year.

MISTERO yarn: again a mix of colours

A new "rainbow" scarf, always created by one of our wool shops, this time with Mistero. It is a standard chunky but light yarn, very popular in the UK for the texture, the unusual colours and the exceptional price/quality ratio.

A rainbow effect scarf: ATTIMO yarn

A rainbow effect scarf that blends all the shades of the Attimo yarn. Very impressive pattern that shows how the colour collection for many of our fancy yarns can be blended to create an original effect. In this case Attimo is a great blend of wool, alpaca and mohair.

SOFFIO PLUS: A soft and bright cardigan.

A soft and bright cardigan. This is an interesting pattern knitted by Sandra at The Wool Cabin with Soffio Plus. The mohair brings to the pattern the delicacy of the fine fibre. The original red shade makes the pattern suitable to wear for many different occasions.

RODEO yarn

Italian yarn perfectly adapted to the English style. This is a comfortable and elegant jumper knitted up in Rodeo, a very suitable yarn for all ages thanks to its well thought contrast of shades.

Christmas accessories

The gloves and the thick shawl knitted in Libero are a perfect match to elegant wool dresses or confortable ones, indicated for the Christmas period. Libero is a twisted irregular chuncky yarn enriched with lurex threads. Very cute and elegant for you to walk in the city centre for some Christmas shopping.

Christmas Creativity - Gelosia

Gelosia is a warm and protective winter yarn.. warm and protective. It blends the sweetness of alpaca, the mohair fibre and the wool insulating quality, thick and resistant. The little knot - peculiarity of Gelosia - makes it original and funny. It is also available in bright colours, recommended for Christmas knitting works

Christmas Creativity - Elite

Elite is an amazing yarn which blends the softness of Adriafil wool with fascinating gold and silver inserts in lurex. The result is a garment with an bright and sparkly surface, suitable for accessories, cardigans or small hand-knitted Christmas decorations.

NEW! Odeon Lamé, Xmas red colour

Air of festivity and air of novelties in Adriafil. Indeed, For the next Christmas Holidays, a new colour of Odeon Lamé is being launched in the market. In addition to the traditional gold and silver shades, the "Christmas red" will soon be available. With Odeon Lamé you will have the opportunity to embroider or to finish your garments according to your own "Christmas Style"

"ADRIAFIL yarn & Design" on Facebook

New Facebook page available in English. After the success of the Italian page that counts almost 1500 friends, Adriafil dedicates a whole space to its foreign fans, sharing infos in their own language. Visit the page Adriafil yarn & design, become friend and share your knitting ideas!

Elle Tricote - Pattern with Adriafil Llama

Two patterns in two of the natural colours of Llama, one of the most appreciated fibres of the Adriafil collection. Llama is a yarn characterised by a long and resistant fibre, with a fine and precious twist to it. The qualities of the llama fibre are exhalted by the patterns of Elle Tricote, a French partner that creates knitting kits with many Adriafil yarns, like the one shown in the pictures. It is a great occasion to have the best Italian quality with a French touch in the patterns.

Fancy collection 2010: Elite

Very useful hat knitted up in Elite, in a picture offered by Trysordy craft, in Wales. ( Elite is an elegant and refined yarn, with lurex inserts coloured in gold and silver to enlighten the surface of the garment. Perfect for hats, thick shawls and other accessories to match with more classic patterns.

DVD for the yarn FAI DA TE

FAI DA TE is even simpler to knit with! Adriafil suggests you the DVD with all the steps to work with the yarn. Choose the colour that you prefer and start knitting, following the video and the vocal instructions, to make a warm and confortable scarf. Working with Fai da te, even if very straightforward, is the result of a sudy carried out by the company. Patent pending. The Dvd includes a menu for the selection of the language for our foreign customers.

FAI DA TE! The new Adriafil mania!

It is the truly new concept of the winter season 2010/11! Adriafil Fai da te is made up of many threads superbly chained to form a very thick yarn, available in 7 warm colours. What is new about it? The knitting process. For the first time in the Adriafil collection, we present a yarn to be knitted with your hands! Use your arms as if they were needles and cast on from your wrist. In a few quick steps you can make a very nice scarf. Suitable for experienced knitters as well as beginners, Fai da te is pleasant to work with and warm to wear, thanks to the wool content in it. Beware of imitations, only with Adriafil Fai da te great fun is ensured!

Fancy yarns 2010: Nina

Nina is a soft and snuggly yarn that is proving very succesfull in the autumnal months, thanks to the elegance of the garments knitted with it. The peculiarity of this yarn, mainly made of soft wool, is a small and invisible sequence made bright by the sorrounding light and creating a very unique effect. The sequence is skillfully inserted in the thread so that the surface of the garment stays smooth. It is a very fashionable idea for your nights out with friends.

Children patterns

Adriafil classic yarn is perfect for your children. Surprise them by knitting up a teddy bear to hug in bed every night. In pure wool or blended wool according to everyone's taste, Adriafil yarn is treated in order not to irritate your children's skin. A fancy scarf gives the toy a colourful touch.

Knitting Ideas: Baba bag

It is true that this winter chunky yarns are popular: Adriafil promotes it best products to be knitted with chunky and mega-chunky needles. Candy and Charme are some of the more classic references, nontheless whoever wants to work with something different can choose one of the multicoloured shades of Baba. This yarn is perfect for accessories, as the one shown in the above picture. The light and shade effects and the peculiar structure make unique and amusing items.


Knitcol (Knit in colours) is a yarn in 100% merino wool, machine washable up to 40°C, available in a collection of 10 colours. Knitcol was launched in the winter collection 2007/08 and it marked a turning point for Adriafil. The idea took inspiration from old stockings, for which people would create various patterns in different colours, striping the surface of the finished garment. This effect was named "jacquard effect", following the success of the loom bearing the same name, that allowed people to produce fabrics with complex patterns in them. Knitcol also recalls the "fair isle" fashion, deriving from the UK islands, in which the same concept was applied to wool sweaters. What is the difference then? Knitcol has been one of the first yarns to be produced by the means of a new computerised dying technique: the thread runs under a nozzle thet releases the colour in 8 different shades, automatically creating the jacquard effect. It is the perfect product for a beginner that wishes to easily knit up something fancy or for the expert knitter, who can use Knitcol to decorate plain coloured garments. Adriafil regularly updates the colours, adding new combinations of them, by renewing the yarn that launched the "automatic jacquard" in Europe.

Ewa Crochet: Crocheted accessories

Ewa Crochet regularly collaborates with Adriafil. In the latest released magasine you can find pattern of crocheted accessories. A nicly decorated bag that will suit young knitters.

Lace Knitting with Zephir 50

The popularity of lace knitting is spreading always more. Many are the Adriafil retailers that already have Zephir 50 in a good color collection in their shop. Zephir is a two-ply blended yarn that has always been demanded because ideal for machine work; today it serves the purpose of lace knitting. Zephir is a very price-effective yarn - also thanks to the presentation in hanks - it is presented in more than 20 shades, reaching a length of more than a 1000 mt.

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