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And the winner is.. category: KNITTER

And...The most voted picture of our #contest #XMasAdriafil category: KNITTER is N°86 author: Sara Urbinati - Yarn used Scozia Adriafil Congratulations Sara, this ADRIAFIL prize goes to you!!!

And the winner is.. category: SHOP

And... The most voted picture of our #contest #XMasAdriafil category: SHOP is N°30 author: Claudia Di Giuseppe from Merceria Ciancamerla - Yarn used Scozia Adriafil Congratulations Claudia, this ADRIAFIL prize goes to you!!!

#ContestAdriafil: it's time to vote, until January 23rd!

Contest ended, it is time to vote! We have received wonderful knitting projects made with #Adriafil yarns from all over the world! Scarves, hats, pullovers, dresses for dogs, lots of ideas from which to get ideas! ;) Now it's time to vote, you can express your preference with your "like" and / or sharing the photo you like in the album #ContestAdriafil on our Facebook page, HERE

Happy New Year

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Best wishes from Adriafil

Greetings from Adriafil !!! We wish you a Very Merry Christmas full of joy and relax! Deadline nears for our #XmasAdriafil #contest…Send us your pictures within January, 6th and win fabulous yarns to make a garment from the magazine Dritto & Rovescio 63 Tel. +39 0541 383706 e-mail:

FREE DOWNLOAD #fattodalei by Marinella Liberini

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#Zebrino #Adriafil

You wanted to knit a striped pullover, but you gave up thinking it was too difficult? It's time to change your mind! Choose #Zebrino #adriafil, the self-patterning yarn that makes your job easy peasy! Isn't it #clever? Take a look at the shades HERE Keep yourself updated, subscribe to our newsletter to discover what's new in the Adriafil's world!

NEWS - Cromia -Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 collection

Cromia is the result of a wise blending of 18 tops of different colours. The slight raising adds that softness that confers a refined smoothness to the garments, whose surface will be pleasantly hectic. Cromia has a thin title that makes it suitable for a variety of works, ideal for cosy pullovers and cardigans, but also perfect for accessories with playful taste. The shade card has been renewed and offers eight different colours, in the card the nuances chase and lose themselves ... but only to find themselves afterwards. A pleasant surprise on the needles, even just working on a plain knit.

Ready for autumn/winter season? DRITTO & ROVESCIO 63 is available!

Summer is almost over.. let's start thinking about #fallwinter projects! Many new fashion ideas for you, the new #drittorovescio edition is available in #Adriafil stores, or you can order the magazine also online HERE. Are you interested in the digital format? Contact us!

Crochet and embroidery yarns, Adriafil exclusively chooses the Egyptian quality... discover why!

Egyptian cotton has got a long fibre with a smaller diameter and is more resistant than other cotton qualities; as a matter of fact, a garment crocheted/knitted in pure Egyptian cotton lasts for decades. Very solid but at the same time, after many washings it becomes more and more soft and doesn't pill, like different materials do.
The qualities of Egyptian cotton chosen by Adriafil have got a peculiar thin fibre (until 3.05 micron), that make it even more precious. Its proper features make it even more resistant and long lasting than Indian, Greek and Turkish qualities.
Why Adriafil only chooses Egyptian cotton? Egyptian Cotton has anti-allergic and antibacterial properties and a “Hygroscopic Behaviour”, which means it absorbs moisture from the air and the skin, keeping you cool in hot weather. It also has a better resistance to multiple washings and maintains the colors bright and unchanged over time.
The mercerization process makes the yarn bright and precious and strenghten its hygroscopic property.
If you choose Adriafil cotton, you know you are choosing the real Egyptian quality cotton.

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DRITTO & rovescio 62: new knitting and crochet patterns for you!

Spring has come... with Dritto & Rovescio magazine 62! Discover the brand new patterns collection HERE Fibers are precious and naturals at the same time, such as silk and linen. Every yarn is available in charming natural and fashionable shade, perfectly in line with nowadays trends. Here's a choice of stylish, classy and festive pattern designs, suitable for every occasion! Elegance is the word! Discover them all by clicking HERE

Pattern idea: the sparkling crochet cardigan!

Already tried Rugiada yarn? It's one of the news by Adriafil for the coming spring/summer season! Here's a preview of what you can create with this beautiful unique yarn, a precious mix of merino wool and Egyptian cotton, ideal for all seasons. Find the pattern included in the brand new Adriafil magazine Dritto & Rovescio 62 here: or on Ravelry here:

4 seasons news: Rugiada, a bright mix of merino wool and cotton

Rugiada, the brand new fresh and delicate merino wool and cotton yarn, perfect for all seasons! Just born, already a success, have you seen all the available colors ? Rugiada is a special blend of extra-fine merino wool and Egyptian cotton to wear all year long, its brilliant component makes it unique in its kind. Rugiada is featured in 10 trendy tones that give each garment a young, chic, refined style ... The extra-fine merino wool (19 micron) of this yarn guarantees the garments a unique refinement! Like the dew of the morning, the same brilliant touch ... look at it in the models of the new Dritto & Rovescio magazine 62

Pattern idea: Erica pullover in Stella Jacq self-patterning yarn

What about this lovely pullover? The model is called "Erica" and the yarn is #StellaJacq #Adriafil, pure merino wool, look at the shades HERE Pattern on Ravelry HERE or on the mag #drittoerovescio61! Get it directly at home: HERE. Have a nice knitting time with Adriafil!

Knitting a cloud: the new turquoise shade of Kid Mohair is available!

Ready to knit a cloud? Kid Mohair dedicates its softness to those who appreciate a cuddle on the skin.. discover the brand new turquoise shade, nr. 40! Here's the complete shade card. Follow on FacebookMarinella's work in progress project.. she's knitting a beautiful shawl with circular needles!

Glamour touch: brand new Cachemire col. 51 deep denim

Fancy to knit a deep denim Cachemire pullover? ;) Choose your colour among the whole glamour shade card of Cachemire Adriafil. Big news, the range has been enriched by a new deep denim blue, it's colour 51, HERE's an overview. Do you like "Isobel" pattern? It's included in Dritto & Rovescio magazine 61: click and order to receive the magazine at home! You can also download the single pattern on Ravelry HERE.

Regina: what an amazing shade card!

46 colors, an amazing choice! Ask your Adriafil dealer to trust the full range of Queen will stay surprised! Ideal colorings for all your needs: baby tones, shades for men, women, accessories ... and even a full range of melange colors. The perfect match? With Knitcol ! Same thickness, same composition .. unique color games !;) Do you like baby blankets? Download the Ravelry model HERE !

New mini-book: knitting ideas for your 4-legged friends!

DOG PATTERNS: Adriafil ha pensato anche agli amici a 4 zampe! Per un caldo e colorato inverno.. Richiedi la mini-rivista con tutti gli schemi al tuo negoziante Adriafil di fiducia oppure scarica l'eBook online cliccando qui. Idee colorate e calde, le puoi realizzare con i filati Zebrino, Knitcol, GlobeUni e Mirage!

Guarda l'anteprima dei modelli su Facebook!

New yarn: KidSeta

Superkid mohair melts with silk, in order to give birth to a must-have product: KidSeta, an extraordinary mix of precious fibres, suitable for those who are demanding. KidSeta enriches the precious yarns range, adding charme to the collection, thanks to the elegance of silk. The yarn is available in a complete colour range of elegant and dusty tones, in line with actual trends.

Dritto & Rovescio knitwear magazine: browse online the preview of the new autumn/winter magazine!

Let's start thinking about autumn/winter projects! The brand new Adriafil patterns book "Dritto & Rovescio" is online! Here's a design for every occasion and taste, either you want to stand out in the urban landscape or just want to blend with nature. it's up to you! HERE you can find the new Adriafil autumn/winter patterns collection.. fancy to have a look?

Are you on Pinterest? Follow Adriafil colours board on Pinterest!

Are you on Pinterest? Full your board of colours! On Adriafil Pinterest board dedicated to the world of colours:you will find curiosities, news and ideas to be always updated on new proposals and dream up mixing and matching for the next knitting project. Click and follow us!

Granny square of the world unite: the blanket takes shape!

The collection of granny squares doesn't stop! Take a look at all the squares we collected for the lovely initiative "Quadrotti di tutto il mondo unitevi". Soon they will be unite in a colorful supportive blanket, stay tuned to see the results and follow the initiative on our social pages!

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The new issue 64 for our hand-knitting magazine is on line

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