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Knitting ideas: urban chic

#AdriafilColor Autumn winter in the city, very classy!
Have you ever seen a more beautiful color palette than this one?
It is that of the woods that change color and warm the light of an autumn afternoon, but it is also that of the city streets, full of shades, of diversity ... a truly unique wealth of patterns. You can be part of this atmosphere and stand out with these knit patterns, created by hand by you.
New gritty and gaudy patterns draw a dense network of nuances to be discovered, point by point; original oversized sleeves revive the classic cardigan, while the multicolor capes are perfect for adding a touch of panache to the winter outfit.
Long pull or dress? You choose it! High-neck, V-neck, crew-neck or raglan: the elegant patterns with shiny inserts go perfectly with the urban style in which even your favorite jeans will find the perfect pullover with which to pair steadily. And if the yarn is the extraordinary Woolcot ... even the pullover will become your favorite!
You can find all the models CLICKING HERE

The expert says it: knitting is good for both body and mind!

Then it happens that you browse and smell the pages of a newspaper and the truth is there, in writing.
Scientists say it, psychologists say it, experts say it: knitting IS GOOD FOR HEALTH! (... but we already knew it 😜) #Adriafil #knitting #nostress

This is #Halloween!

3 days to #Halloween? We celebrate it like this!
#orange like a beautiful pumpkin to carve 🎃🎃🎃 (or to eat! 😋), orange like the leaves of autumn trees, orange like the warm light of October, orange like Halloween!
But, yes you know, we like orange ... especially in the form of a warm and soft ball of yarn!
What do you have to do?
👉 Choose the model you like best and write the letter A / B / C / D in the comments!
👉 You have until Friday 30 October at 11.59 pm
👉 We will send you the pattern in #FREEDOWNLOAD on messenger!

NEW KNITTING IDEA: the colorful cape!

What better way to say "I love #autumn?" 😍🍁 The yarn is the colorful PINTAU , for this delightful cape, wrapping and soft, like the autumn light. Find the pattern "Shanghai" inside the brand new Adriafil magazine #drittoerovescio 69 or click HERE for the single pattern leaflet!

Brand new yarn: WOOLCOT, merino wool and organic cotton!

Already a success all over the world, this yarn with an extraordinary and refined composition: ✅ extrafine merino wool 🐑 ✅ organic cotton 🌱 A yarn that satisfies the search for 100% natural! The structure is that of a "puff", in which the fibers are not twisted but "blown" into a reticular structure that holds them; the yarn is therefore wonderfully soft and very light. Excellent success, with its 150 meters in a 50 gram ball, in fact just a few balls are enough to make your soft pull. Click and discover the whole color chart!

#Adriafil autumn is coming...

- 5 days to autumn ... which colors would you like to find in Adriafil stores? 🍁🍂 For the #adriafilcolor column today a test: is your autumn as sweet and variegated as color 62 or warm and decisive like color 64? #YarnsAdriafil #Mystery ▶ ️ Click and discover the whole color chart!

Pattern IDEA: long CROCHET cardi!

Fashion increasingly proposes a return to the origins and to the "handmade" effect.
It's enough to stroll through the streets of big cities to see the windows of clothing stores that revive a casual but refined style, in the name of knitwear. The crochet cardigan has always been a must-have and with NAVY Adriafil yarn it becomes even more structured, pleasantly soft and quick to crochet with!
🔴 Feel like making yours? Find the pattern HERE or in the magazine DRITTO & ROVESCIO 68! 🔴

#AdriafilColor: ocean waves

🎶🎶 "Azzuuuurrooo, the afternoon is too blue and luungoo for meee" & # 127926;
For the section #AdriafilColor, here is a splendid palette of blues, directly from our collection of patterns "Ocean waves" #springsummer .. what is your favorite shade of blue? 😏😏 Look at the magazine #drittoerovescio68 👉👉 HERE.

HITAHOME: a colorful summer

A colorful summer with #hitahome!
The new line of home accessories by Adriafil!
Crochet placemat and crochet chair cushion ... The yarn? #Navy Adriafil, of course! Full-bodied, soft and versatile. Discover the whole color chart CLICKING HERE. . Prepare the crochet hook ... and ask for the kit to your trusted #Adriafilshop!

Happy Italian Republic Day!

Let's start from here, all together, from solid and rooted bases over time, from a history of 109 years all Italian. . From the choice of quality raw materials, the constant control of every single production process, from Italian manufacturing, design, creativity. Let's start from #madeinitaly Happy Italian Republic Day! (Pic: Il filatoio magico - BO) #festadellarepubblica #filatiitaliani #filatiAdriafil

Adriafil Color Palette: sunset sky

#AdriafilColor Which one represents you? . . . Deep, intense, vivid... they are the nuances of tonight's palette color, #sunsetsky is on your knitting needles 🌅🌅🌅 Malva, raspberry, peach, salmon, coral... scent of summer! Find all the patterns HERE!

New shade: KIMERA 23

If you're wondering what the new "reef" color of #Kimera #Adriafil yarn nr 23 looks like: here you are! Click HERE for the whole color range!

Happy earthday!

Happy #earthday... with its colors and fibers #pureEgyptiancotton #linen... From sand to copper, passing through nature's greens and terra color... which one do you choose? #AdriafilColor #acasaconAdriafil

New color: BON TON 86!

Bon Ton is dyed again! Blue, yellow, brick, fuchsia, cream ... a story of shades to be discovered. The shirt is a surprise!
Click HERE!

NEW:Dritto & Rovescio 68 spring/summer mag!

#athomewithAdriafil We are all at home, but with the mind traveling towards the summer, waiting to be able to fully experience it! 🌸🌺🌷 ✅ 26 models ✅ 21 yarns ✅ 4 fashion trends: here's all the numbers of the new magazine #drittoerovescio 68! While experiencing an online yoga lesson, watching a TV series and a reading a good book ... how about fantasizing about your next knitting projects? CLICK HERE!

New yarn: CUPIDO , impossible not to fall in love!

A yarn that literally makes you fall in love!
The metallic part shines discreetly on the shirt, making its surface attractive. A true game of "I don't see", light and shadow, where the semi-caged processing around the wire enhances its roundness and gives it a full-bodied structure. Cupid is the true interpreter of the themes presented for this season, where suggestions from different and fascinating cultures each bring its own extraordinary characteristic. The colors are bright and bright: the strength is the contrast between the base thread and the tone-on-tone metallic ligature that surrounds it. Copper and golden yellow add the charm of ancient cultures to the color chart. With Cupido yarn you can transform the classic stockinette stitch sweater into a chic but at the same time cheeky creation, thanks to its silver structure.
Click HERE to see all the shades!

About us

Many have chosen to share their beautiful experience with Adriafil yarns! We are happy if we can make you happy.

Well done Patrizia!

Here is the winner of our last contest #MYADRIAFIL: Patrizia Battelli has won the cover of our Facebook page! The photo of his beautiful project made with the #allseason RUGIADA yarn has totaled 256 likes and 44 shares, winning the our #MyAdriafil contest! A well-deserved applause to all participants from all Adriafil staff!
If you don't want to miss the chance to take parti in the next contest, sign up for our newsletter HERE

AdriafilNews: ZEBRINO's got two brand new shades!

#AdriafilNews Since we don't like to stay still ... now ZEBRINO has two brand new shades! Games of orange and bluette for a lively multicolor col. 71 ... dreamy atmospheres of emeralds and burgundy for the color 72. Have you already asked your local Adriafil dealer? Don't know the nearest store? Write us HERE

Pattern idea: pullover COLCA

How much do you like autumn? This pull is its essence! The brand new yarn BYTE , with its soft cashmere component, is proposed here in color 81 in orange gradation. A very simple garter stitch pattern ... but the yarn BYTE makes it amazing! You can find the knit card HERE

Adriafil News: amazing DORÉ yarn in new colors

Did you know that Doré has enriched his color range with 4 amazing new colors? Here is the first: a plum with violet tints and a magnificent accent of golden lamé, it's nr. 92! Do you want to find out what are the other new colors of DORÉ yarn? Click HERE! Or keep following us on our social pages: INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK

New yarn: Adriafil BYTE

More news at Adriafil: winter fashion says YES to color! Here's another new yarn from the new fall / winter collection: it's called BYTE and is proposed in a series of 8 colors, real "sequences" of colors that create a fun tone-on-tone texture. Do you know what's nice about this yarn? It has a percentage of very precious cashmere that makes it very soft! Find out HERE

NEW autumn/winter yarn: light pulses and unique softness, here's LED

The amount of time we spend at home is significantly decreasing, giving space to the hours we spend online everyday. We are surfing through a constant flow of visual information, lights and colors. Led yarn is the highest interpretation of this continuous exposure to light impulses that are represented by a sparkly chain of several colors blended within the following fibers: wool, polyamide and acrylic. It is slightly brushed, in order to make the surface of the mesh pleasant to the touch. In addition, it is a light weight as its thickness is reduced to maintain a pleasant balance between showiness and sophistication. The classic pullover, whenever made with Led yarn, might turn into a very refined and luxurious item. Come and discover all the shades HERE

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