100% Made in Italy

Conceived in Italy, produced in Italy. Every single Adriafil yarn is 100% Italian: from its conception to its realization.

Adriafil wants to strongly state its mission: to sustain the Italian yarn culture that clearly goes on a countertrend way compared to the majoriry of the competitors that have outsourced their production into foreign countries.

This is the reason why Adriafil still continues to commit its production to the ability and the specialized skills of the Italian hand-crafted labour, which is able to guarantee for the high quality of Adriafil yarn.

The entire "made in Italy" production constitues an additional strategic feature for Adriafil. The company is engaged into a constant enhancement and protection of the Italian know-how. The Italianess of Adriafil yarn is underlined on each single product where the Italian flag is shown both on the brand and on the packaging.

The winning bet of Adriafil is to create labour and welfare in Italy: the final result is a high quality yarn which is appreciated from its final cunsumers. They always remain faithful to the product by choosing Adriafil on a continue work base.

Thanks to all the people, that like us, love yarns.

Dritto & Rovescio

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100% Made in Italy
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