1) If I live in USA or Canada, can I buy Adriafil on line?
In Canada, as well as in the United States of America, on line sale service is not available from this web site. The reason is that we support inland dealer networks by selling yarns through distributors only. This allows our yarns, services and "philosophy", to be obtained almost anywhere in your country, making Adriafil products readily available at competitive prices to you.

2) Where I can find shops that sales Adriafil yarns in U.S.A. and Canada?
To know where you can find Adriafil yarns, please contact us. We will be glad to help you finding the Adriafil shop closer to you.

3) I knew from the distributor that the type of yarn I’m looking for it is not available, how can I do?
Don’t worry, you can order it directly to us! Get in touch with us, we will be glad to help you!

4) How can I change the number of balls of a yarn already added to the shopping cart?
It’s very easy: click on “Verify your order” or “Proceed to checkout” to reach the page that summed up your order then enter the new quantity of balls you need and click on the “modify” button.

5) How can I do if I need to remove a colour from the shopping cart?
Click on “Verify your order” or “Proceed to checkout” to reach the page that summed up your order, insert 0 as quantity, then click on the “modify” button.

6) When I add a yarn to the shopping cart, is my order automatically confirmed?
It will be confirmed only when you decide so, thus feel free to operate any change you need. Please note that your order will be operative after the payment by credit card, when you will receive "The receipt of authorized payment" message.

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