Klassieke garens

Baby wool

Nice Baby

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Klassieke garens / Baby wool

A sweet and encouraging fable the mother tells every night to her beloved baby: that's a truly sweet thing, with pure withe and pastels. Nobody is able to defend your baby as this warm and soft wool.
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Nice baby is mt 220 (240,59 yards) approx to each 50 gram ball
Composition: 85% wool (merino, non shrinkable) 15% viscose - Machine washable, wool cycle
Needles: 3 mm Tension 4''=27 sts/38 rows

modellen - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn
Available colours
  • 2 white
  • 3 baby pink
  • 5 yellow
  • 8 sea green
  • 9 baby sky-blue
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100% Made in Italy
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