Duurzame garens

Camel hair


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Duurzame garens / Camel hair

Camelpiù is a marvelous natural fiber mix: 60% pure merino wool blended with 40% camel wool. The hand is extremely soft. The shade card is inclined to dark colors because the camel hair has a natural color which doesn’t allow light shades. This gives us a chic shade card!
Garments made in Camelpiù yarn have an elegant and refined look.


125 meter op een bol van 50 gram en wordt verpakt per 10 bollen in een zak van 500 gram.
Composition: 60% wol (merino extrafijn) 40% kameel
Needles: 22 steken en 29 naalden = 10x10 cm.op naalden 4,5 mm

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Available colours
Dritto & Rovescio

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100% Made in Italy
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