Klassieke garens

blend of wool and cotton


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Klassieke garens / blend of wool and cotton

Rugiada found its place of honors in Adriafilís all-seasons range of yarns. This excellent blend of extra-fine merino wool and cotton makes it perfect all year long. Its delicate sparkle makes it sweet and shiny, truly one of a kind. The finest the fiber, the highest the quality. Rugiadaís extra-fine merino wool is 19 microns fine, making the hand feel incredibly soft and outstanding. Just like morning dew, its subtle sparkle enhances the 10 nuances of the range (5 light shades and 5 deeper). Garments made up in this yarn are chic and elegant beyond compare. A color range trendy and modern, suitable for all seasons.


Rugiada heeft 135 mt. op een 50 gram bol 10 bollen verpakking van 500 gr.
Composition: 51% Wol (Merino) 45% katoen 2% polyester 2% nylon
Needles: 3,5 mm Stekenverhouding 10x10 25 st. / 35 nld.

modellen - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn
Available colours
  • 60 wit
  • 61 roze
  • 62 hemel blauw
  • 63 appel groen
  • 64 kaasjeskruid
  • 65 emerald groen
  • 66 denim
  • 67 wijn rood
  • 68 nacht blauw
  • 69 zwart
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100% Made in Italy
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