Duurzame garens



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Duurzame garens / Zijde

Elisirís composition sums up its strength. When you blend natural fibers with the highest pure features such as silk, linen and cotton, you obtain the best. This yarn an Elixir of beauty, just as its name goes: the beautiful feeling of a soft touch on your skin, the beauty that just the delicate shine of silk can have. Garments knitted up in Elisir will shine bright and strong thanks to the exceptionally fine fibers that compose it, enriching your garment with rich shades and glimpses of light. Its shade card is full of life and energy. Pastel colors in a modern key, more chic than ever. Night blue is the new black.


Elisir heeft 120 mt. op een 50 gram bol 10 bollen verpakking van 500 gr.
Composition: 44% katoen 39% linnen 17% zijde
Needles: 4 mm Stekenverhouding 10x10 22 st. / 30 nld.

modellen - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn
Available colours
  • 30 wit
  • 31 ijs
  • 33 water groen
  • 34 perzik
  • 35 turquoise
  • 36 noot
  • 38 pruim
  • 39 nacht blauw
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100% Made in Italy
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