Fantasie garens

2019/2020 collection


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Fantasie garens / Autumn/Winter
2019/2020 collection

Nowadays, we are all special correspondents, called to take part in the building up of news and stories. This yarn presents a serie of colorful stripes whose irregularities "tell" a story. It alternates brushed parts with linear ones, like a fascinating plot of a real novel. Black and white raws create the right contrast with bright colors such as pink, emerald and blue. Also, it contains alpaca and wool, which make it precious and warm. Excellent length with its 160 meters in only 50 gr ball.


Romanzo heeft 160 mt. op een 50 gram bol
Composition: 75% Acryl 15% wol 10% alpaka
Needles: Naalden 4 mm stekenverhouding 10x10= 22 st/26 nld

modellen - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn
Available colours
  • 40 roest
  • 41 emerald
  • 42 roze
  • 43 blauw/paars
  • 44 mosterd
  • 45 grijs
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100% Made in Italy
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