Fantasie garens

2018/2019 collection

Mirage Multicolor

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Fantasie garens / Autumn/Winter
2018/2019 collection

The 3rd version for one quality as you can see here below plain wool, baby colours and now also printed colours. Blended acrylic wool available in different choice of colours, from light pink and blue to strong violet or green shades.
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Mirage Print is mt 125 (136,70 yards) approx to each 50 gram ball
Composition: 55% Wool 45% Acrylic
Needles: 4,5 mm Gauge 4''=19 sts/27 rows

modellen - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn
Available colours
  • 40 multicolour pink
  • 41 multicolour sea green
  • 42 multicolour light yellow
  • 43 multicolour white
  • 44 multicolour light blue
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100% Made in Italy
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