Fantasie garens

2014/2015 collection

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Fantasie garens / Autumn/Winter
2014/2015 collection

The peculiar name is well suited for this yarn that can be worked in two different ways. If knitted in a more traditional way, the yarn will acquire a roving spun effect. Otherwise, if one uses the needle on the interiour side of the yarn (where the thread is finer), with a simple stocking stitch the result will look more like a lace pattern with a thick yarn. Very easy also for beginners.


50 gr ball (15 mt.) in 500 gr packs
Composition: 60% wool 40% acrylic
Needles: Knit 1: Needles 12 mm Gauge 10\'\'=7 sts/9 rows Knit 2: Needles 12 mm Gauge 10\'\'=4 sts/5 rows

modellen - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn Available colours
  • 60 beige-grey
  • 61 multicolour fuchsia
  • 62 multicolour rust brown
  • 65 multicolour blue
  • 66 violet-grey
  • 67 beige-green
Dritto & Rovescio

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100% Made in Italy
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