Fantasie garens

2018/2019 collection


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Fantasie garens / Autumn/Winter
2018/2019 collection

Magnete: a micro bouclé with several yarns, it shows a "magnetic" component that creates metallic reflections on the surface. A surface made more intense thanks to a delicate multicolor print in the twistof the fibers. The comfortable aspect of the garment is ensured by the presence of Elastam (1%), which allows to create malleable and practical clothes. A predominantly dark shade chart, where a sparkling lightning effect emphasizes the movement of the bouclé, so black too comes to life!


144 meter op een bol van 50 gram en wordt verpakt per 10 bollen in een zak van 500 gram.
Composition: 46% wol 35% nylon 18% akriel 1% elastam
Needles: 22 steken en 31 naalden = 10x10 cm.op naalden 5 mm

modellen - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn
Available colours
  • 40 wit
  • 41 turquoise
  • 42 paars
  • 43 bordeaux
  • 44 donker groen
  • 45 donker blauw
  • 50 zwart
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100% Made in Italy
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