Fantasie garens

2018/2019 collection


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Fantasie garens / Autumn/Winter
2018/2019 collection

Diletta, seduces with its elegant chain stitch structure. This yarn is made of pure virgin wool, characterised by a long fibre which has been carefully selected, and its blended with our top quality acrylic fibre. To guarantee a greater uniformity to the yarn, raw materials are blended twice. The basic yarn that is obtained is slightly twisted. Then, the chain stitch is created by adding a texturized yarn which has the purpose of conferring shape and volume, by maintaining softness and smoothness. A special process of dyeing has resulted in a range of 8 sweet and delicate shades, just like the yarn itself. These shades are light, almost impalpable. Natural colours such as wood and ash are available, also blue denim and prune which are surely fashionable and trendy, such colours lend the garments a very elegant melange effect.


100 meter op een bol van 50 gram en wordt verpakt per 10 bollen in een zak van 500 gram.
Composition: 47% wol 47% akriel 6% nylon
Needles: 21 steken en 32 naalden = 10x10 cm.op naalden 4 mm

modellen - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn
Available colours
  • 20 melk
  • 21 roze
  • 22 grijs
  • 23 emerald
  • 24 denim
  • 25 pruim
  • 26 hout
  • 27 as
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100% Made in Italy
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