Fantasie garens

2021 collection


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Fantasie garens / Spring/Summer
2021 collection

Tetris: every color in its place to obtain a sporty and modern result in a beautiful “rainbow” yarn. Two thin 100% cotton ribbons are tied together by an imperceptible thread. Each of them has four color shades and whenever is knitted and combined together, create amusing interlocks and intertwining colors, always different and unpredictable. A real surprise to discover, step by step ... The color chart consists of 6 shades that intentionally recall the themes of the sporty year. The turquoise shade stands for the ocean and modern activities such as surfing. All colors linked to the earth represent street and urban disciplines such as parkour. The magic of bright colors takes into account elegant sports such as rhythmic gymnastics, while the timeless black and white represents the discipline of martial arts. The yarn is gritty and fun and the 170 meters of thread in each ball allow the creation of light and comfortable garments without weighing ourselves down too much even in midseason. Something important: its surprising softness.
With the Tetris yarn, knitting becomes a picture that takes shape little by little ... knitting has never been this fun!


170 meter op een bol van 50 gram en wordt verpakt per 10 bollen in een zak van 500 gram.
Composition: 100% katoen
Needles: 25 steken en 39 naalden = 10x10 cm.op naalden 3 mm

modellen - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn
Available colours
  • 80 zwartwit fantasie
  • 81 militair fantasie
  • 83 hel fantasie
  • 85 druif fantasie
Dritto & Rovescio

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100% Made in Italy
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