Fantasie garens

2019 collection


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Fantasie garens / Spring/Summer
2019 collection

With our Provenza yarn natural linen embraces our top-quality Egyptian cotton to give you a slightly slub yarn with a delicate, pleasant texture. Lush for your eyes, a pleasure to knit with. We have chosen shades that remind us of Provence, the French region of authentic traditions, with gorgeous fabrics and costumes in beautiful contrasts of color. We went for flashy shades such as bright orange and citron yellow, deep turquoise and the ever-fashionable cyclamen. You will also find quieter shades such as an earthy brown, an intense blue, white and ecru. A color range ever so fashionable and up to any customer’s standards, no matter the age.
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Provenza heeft 115 mt. op een 50 gram bol 10 bollen verpakking van 500 gr.
Composition: 61% katoen 39% linnen
Needles: 4 mm Stekenverhouding 10x10 23 st. / 30 nld.

modellen - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn
Available colours
  • 80 wit
  • 81 ecru
  • 82 emerald groen
  • 83 kreeft
  • 84 turquoise
  • 85 cytrus
  • 86 aardbei
  • 87 petrol
  • 88 kastanje
  • 89 donker blauw
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100% Made in Italy
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