Fantasie garens

2020 collection


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Fantasie garens / Spring/Summer
2020 collection

Very special construction for this yarn that "makes you fall in love". The metallic part creates a subtle shine, making the surface very attractive. A real game of see through", light and shadow, where the incomplete cage goes around the thread and enhances its roundness, providing a full-bodied structure. Cupido is the true interpreter of the themes presented for this season. Indeed, every suggestions coming from different and fascinating cultures finds the final expression in this yarn. Colors are lively and brilliant: the strongest point is the contrast between the basic thread and the tone-on-tone metallic binding that surrounds it. Copper and golden yellow add to the color chart the charm of ancient cultures.
With the Cupido yarn you can transform the classic pullover stocking stitch in a chic and fancy creation, thanks to its silver structure.


160 meter op een bol van 50 gram en wordt verpakt per 10 bollen in een zak van 500 gram.
Composition: 40% katoen 35% acryl 17% nylon 4% andere vezels 4% gemetalliseerde vezel
Needles: 26 steken en 38 naalden = 10x10 cm.op naalden 3 mm

modellen - available coloursSome ideas realized with this yarn
Available colours
  • 20 wit
  • 21 geel
  • 22 aardbei
  • 23 turquoise
  • 24 ecru
  • 25 paars
  • 26 emerald
  • 27 hel blauw
  • 28 koper
  • 29 zwart
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100% Made in Italy
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