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Summer 2009: SORRENTO yarn

Waves of cotton create a curvilinear and fashionable effect on the surface of the garment. Like droplets of water on the skin, the polyester makes Sorrento transparent and ready to please the eye.

Summer 2009: POSITANO yarn

It is a particular and refined yarn, the consistency of which reminds one of a very soft sponge. It is offered in the 2009 collection in a fashionable multicolour gradation. Positano is definitely easy to knit and we can guarantee a successful knitted effect in the garment.

The sweater Luisa realised with DUO plus yarn

A great idea to be enjoyed! A year-round garment: soft, comfortable and light. These are all uniques characteristics that only Duo and DUO plus can give you. With Adriafil you always have something more!

The yarn NATURE

The white Edvige cardigan invites you to knit with NATURE. You will be amazed by the confort of the fibre that this yarn is made of. Pure Egyptian cotton and Italian manufacturing for an incomparable result. A very natural gift!

Discover the new pattern ideas of the Dritto & Rovescio spring-summer 2009!!

With the Adriafil precious yarn, the beautiful season brings many new pattern-idea in line with the latest fashion. A wide range of new garments with fashion colours, perfect for any situation and for all looks. Many straightforward patterns will help you discover new knitting wonders. Do not lose time! You can order the magazine on-line, by accessing the special dedicated area

DUO yarn: the soft merino wool and the precious Egyptian cotton play together

The Loretta sweater is a perfect example of DUO in plain colours. A very elegant spring pattern, able to seduce in every moment. In the pattern section of the website, you can find the instructions to realise it in a simple way. Many retailer - always keen about knitting - will definitely help you to realise the Dritto & Rovescio ideas! Refer to the Adriafil retailer with confidence!

Only 100% italian yarns

All classic and fancy Adriafil yarns are accurately produced only in Italy. This means a manufacturing controlled through all steps in order to obtain a high quality product and design, but secure too. The Adriafil products offer the warrantees required from the European Community 2002/61/CE according to which consumers are protected from the damaging substances which are present in non controlled productions.

Golden moments… moments of Odeon Lamè

When it is necessary to shine, there is nothing better than a garment knitted or decorated with the yarn ODEON, Adriafil’s lamè. Extremely elegant, it is suitable for a lot of different productions: needles, machine and crochet. Adriafil’s Odeon Lamè has not a season and its softness will surprise you with the nice comfort you can feel when you wear with.

RED and GOLD knitting for Christmas: crochet and not only..

Christmas time, time for Christmas decorations. 50 gr. ball: high quality and a complete range of colours. This cotton is perfect for Christmas knittings. Obviously Christmas red mixed with Odeon lamè and Gold will make your decorations unique for real!

YUPPY: colours for the younger...

It was born for the younger but it results pleasant for the adults too. The contrast of shades that characterize the Yuppy yarn is due to a new technological dying process that is carried out directly on the thread.

RETRO'... knit it!!

The Retro’ yarn is another pearl in Adriafil collection. It makes you willing to work with it just by looking at it, because its worm and retro’ colours have been conceived in a unique way. The final interesting pattern of the garments is created by little circles in various shades.

CARACAS: attractive designs

Adriafil “school of colours” will amaze you with a new incredible effect. This yarn shows you how from a classic and linear thread we can create a high quality design. Imagine the sound of the streets in Caracas and visualise it in the colours of this yarn that alternate themselves creating new versatile patterns.

SINERGIA: a "sinergy" of colours and effects

The structure of the Sinergia (“synergy”) yarn is very peculiar, a construction to be enjoyed in all the details and in the final effect of the garment that results from it. Strings of yarn in different colours - apparently printed – are obtained by mixing the shades of different flocks of wool, are skilfully sewed on a black pivotal thread… a true synergy among different colours. How delightful it is to work such a yarn!

A very peculiar print in a superwash merino: RAP

This pattern displays colourful dots that decorate our fine merino yarn superwash. The effect is marvellous for its delicacy and it is made of a very peculiar print that makes it impossible to distinguish the exact colours that compose it, creating such a uniform pattern. The Rap yarn can make of any garment design a success!

SCINTILLA with elegance

The Scintilla yarn (“spark”) is at the same time a simple, elegant and precious article. As a spark would do, a lame string jumps out of this soft and lively mohair. Try the final effect that this yarn will give to your garment to really appreciate its virtue.

A garment with only two balls:PERU'

Another printed project signed “Adriafil”. It is a delightful and innovative fashion shade which is displayed on the thread in form of colourful lines. The combination and the sequence of colours are the secret of the beauty of the final Perù shades. Conceived in CONVENIENT 200 gr. balls in order to make beautiful garments by using only two balls!!

VIRGOLA: soft fancy mohair

Virgola yarn (“wisp”)is a rich fancy yarn in soft mohair minutely processed. It appears as a soft bouclé thread made unique by a “wisp” that shows all the liveliness of this article.

Autumnal colours: MISTERO

For its softness and lightness this yarn is presented in a series of mysterious shades, inspired by the autumnal colours. Extraordinary price for such a peculiar yarn.

OPTICAL: the fantasy in your life

The Optical yarn offers you high quality and design at a fair price. Extraordinary optical effects deriving from coloured illusions in shape of “flames” on a black & white base.

The shades of FUMETTO

A fine twisting characterizes the Fumetto yarn (“smoky”), together with a double print and a “flame” which gives it an irresistible highlight effect thanks to its marvellous autumnal colours.

PurCachemire 100% made in Italy

The most precious, the most sophisticate, the sweetest... A true gift in the collection. The jewel of all yarns has arrived. 100% pure Cachemire. 100% first quality in Italy guaranteed. Offered in a beautiful range of lively and delicate or classic colours.

Here the new issue of Ditto & Rovescio for the coming AUTUMN WINTER 08/09

Hand knitted garments are very trendy! See the fashion with Adriafil and its beautiful ideas for knitting a fashionable exclusive garment..... amusing yourself!


Our time is characterised by wellness and ecological care and this is the context where this yarn has been created. Its shades remind us the nature and in fact natural fibres make up this yarn. Silk and linen give a special touch to this wonderful yarn.

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