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Uno a makò 5 Uno a makò 8 ...go for them...

Here are the most demanded crochet cotton thicknesses of the month. Makò is the classic Egyptian cotton that we suggest to all our customers, perfect for every crochet work. It is produced in 30 different colours, both classic and trendy. Its long fibre grants excellent results both in hand-knitting and machine-knitting projects. Everyone trying this yarn was amazed by the quality of the thread and the facility of crocheting with it, besides the fact that it is fun to crochet with some of our bright colours!

Hobby, Craft & Stitch show

Adriafil is back from the Hobby Stitch & Craft show in Birmingham. The staff would like to thank all the customers that visited us and all those that have shown interest in our collection. Many liked the change in style of the Adriafil stand, the new logo of the company and the new look of the yarn exhibition. Many were well impressed by the new winter collection and the new fashion colours of the classic yarns. A good surprise consisted also in a few men, constantly knitting on the stand! There is nothing strange about it folks… Knitting Adriafil is for everyone…

Crocheting is back!

Crocheting is back! In view of summer 2010, many consumers are thinking to challenge themselves with a crochet project. New magazines are being released on the UK market and retailers are getting ready for an expected fine cotton wave. Tops, dresses, cardigans, accessories and much more can now be realized in Adriafil 100% Egyptian cotton yarn, Doppio Ritorto e Makò. These are the qualities that we always carry on stock in our collection, known and appreciated by our customers for the quality of the thread and the brightness of the colours. You can choose among 4 different thicknesses and several dimensions of the balls, depending on your next project!

New and interesting! Dritto & Rovescio n. 48 on line

What will your next knitting project be for the summer? A T-Shirt for the beach or a long sleeve jacket for the night? And what about a nice twin set for your children and grandchildren? All this and many new knitting ideas in the new Adriafil Magazine Dritto & Rovescio n. 48, available now on line. Get it quickly, choose your favourite pattern and enjoy your work!

HCSI 2010: Adriafil exhibition in Birmingham

From the 21st to the 23rd of February 2010, Adriafil will take part to the Hobby Exhibition in Birmingham, point of reference for the creative activities in the United Kingdom. Once again the red, white and green colours are underlined as symbols of Adriafil Made in Italy yarn, by now present in the knitting English culture for its quality and innovation. Adriafil prompt and efficient service made of the Rimini company one of the major realities in the British market. Also this year Adriafil will use “Stitch Hobby and Craft 2010” as a base for the launch of a new Italian fashion.

Soffio Plus: classic, soft, mohair...

Finally a mohair yarn in the most requested thickness! All the fineness and the softness of mohair are transferred to this yarn, conferring a breezy, warm and shiny look to it. The best mohair fibre makes it a pleasure for anyone to work with Soffio. With 150 mt of yarn in a 50 gr ball, presented in 20 fashionable shades, you will be able to knit long and comfortable garments to keep you warm during the winter months. A new Adriafil product that already becomes a classic one…

250 Stockists in the UK

Adriafil recently reached the 250 retailers in the UK! By thanking all the customers that chose us as their suppliers allowing Italian yarns to be available all across the country, we want to invite you to try Adriafil yarn. Made in Italy is more and more fashionable for the quality associated with the yarns that we produce and for the liveliness of our colours and patterns. The choice is very large for all knitters… Adriafil collection is made of the best classic merino wools and Egyptian cotton yarns, a very interesting selection of natural fibers (cachemire, kid mohair, alpaca, angora, raffia, silk and linen) and a wide range of fancy and crochet yarns. Find Adriafil products in the closest shop! You will not regret it!

Summery Bouclette: the yarn INTRIGO

The name makes it very clear! A wise and multicoloured chaining of cotton rings that brings movement and lightness to the surface of the garment. This new summer fancy yarn is in no way inferior to a classic bouclé – actually – it is presented as a new conception bouclé yarn. The thread and the shades are very fashionable and make it perfect for summer jackets or accessories.

SMAC 2010: Adriafil exhibition in Paris

Also this year Adriafil will exhibit at the SMAC in Paris. The yearly participation to the Hobby Exhibition allows Adriafil to promote – in one of the main capitals of fashion – the corner of Made in Italy, always more attended and appreciated – as shown from the growing presence of Adriafil brand in France. On the stand from the 17th to the 19th of January to propose quality and creativity in their best shape, that of the yarn ball…

Fantasy in the material and colours: the yarn SPAZIO

Spazio gives importance to space in the yarn effect, to the combination between the material and its colour on the thread, by following a pattern that creates a fancy and always different knitted surface. The effect can change according to the chosen colour. Where the polyamide soul of the thread is bright the pattern creates blank spaces and the knitted surface seems transparent. Where the polyamide soul is dark, the cotton acquires more brightness. Definitely a yarn to be tried!

Linen, silk and cotton: the yarn SOL LEVANTE

Linen, silk and cotton… 2009 marks a return to noble fibres and Sol Levante allows you to find a quality yarn for the summer 2010. A product presented in plain colours, very original once knitted up because it shows a raw but soft effect. Just by looking at it, it is easy to think about the wonderful oriental tapestries from which Adriafil draws inspiration in order to offer you an innovative yarn for the warm season.

Wool and cotton together: the yarn DUO COMFORT

Adriafil revelation 2009! Duo Comfort is a classic yarn in Egyptian cotton and merino wool that aims to break out of the usual production, conceived in order to give you a product to be knitted in all seasons. Cotton makes the thread soft and light, while wool brings in comfort and warmth. The result is a balanced combination for kids and adults. Available in multicolour version for autumn-spring and in a wide range of plain colours, updated with the fashionable shades for the winter season 2009.

The super-chunky wool yarn CANDY

For those who want to follow the super-chunky wool trend of the winter 2009/10, Candy renews its shades. Candy is a soft thick yarn enriched with alpaca, a classic of Adriafil collection that came back to fashion this year. Adriafil propose 5 new colours for the autumn-winter. Several nuances with pink for women that seek a warm and protective yarn and petrol, rusty red and salmon for masculine patterns.

"Carezza": the new Adriafil’s angora

Nothing more sweet in the world will be able to give you a such nice feeling as a garment knitted with Adriafil’s angora. The yarn CAREZZA is produced with the best materials and the careful twisting processes guarantee the glamour that only a precious fibre is able to offer. The proposed colours respect the typical taste and increase your wish to touch your pull.

DUO Comfort:wool and cotton together

A new innovative classic yarn conceived for all seasons. Soft light yarn, but at the same time warm and comfortable. It is offered in a vast range of colours for knitters who love classic patterns and for all those who want to amaze with the latest trendy colours. In the pattern section, you can find many ideas for the next autumn-winter


Mohair is the fleece produced by the goat of angora. This fleece is extremely fine, sweet, luminous and long. The long fibre allows you to make teaselling processes to take out the fleece and produce in this way the famous Mohair effect: the hairiness. What is appreciated in Kid Mohair is the capacity to maintain the warmth, the lightness and the hair harmony. Mohair can be classified in 3 different categories: Kid 25-30 micron, Yaoung Goats 32/34micron, while the fineness of an adult goat can arrive to 38-39micron. Of course Kid Mohair is the richer quality, the sweet and light mohair used by Adriafil for the production of its yarns.

To be always different and special

If you wear a hand-knitted garment your are always different and special. If you wish to obtain the maximum effect, the BAROQUE can be the yarns without compromise perfect in your case. Baroque, VIRGOLA, CAPRICCIO are studied for the special knitting , for the exclusive and the elegance that they are able to pass on.

Sierra Andina: Adriafil extrafine alpaca.

"Sierra Andina" is an EXTRAFINE alpaca yarn. Alpaca is a precious and rich fibre: in the past the alpaca wool was reserved to the Incas imperial family. Today in Peru where this animal finds the best climatic conditions, the breeders give to this fibre a very special attention. It is important to notice that the raw material of worth is the EXTRAFINE, the material produced by the young animals. The fleece softness is exceptional. The long and fine fibre is wear resistant and doesn’t produce any peeling. Alpaca is proposed in 14 natural colours, typical of this precious breed: white, beige, camel, red-brown, brown and black. Adriafil offers you beautiful combinations of colours. Try the fibre that lives near the sky!

The yarn "Carezza": angora is tender with the children too

The baby sweater Manet is a proposal in precious Adriafil angora: the "Carezza" yarn. Sweetness, charme and luxury will be natural feelings while knitting this garment.. In the end just let yourself be embraced by whoever wears the it!

DUO PLUS Comfort: the double advantage and the right weight of merino wool and cotton

It is always the right moment for the lovely mix wool and cotton, some of the best raw materials. Now you can find it in the new multicolour version. It is a new range of colour combinations in accordance with the latest fashion that will increase the desire of knitting with this extraordinarily versatile yarn

Knitcol and Kid Mohair: together in the pullover Setrière pattern

Choose your favorite colours from the Knitcol shade card and knit up your merino jacquard! Match it with one of our beautiful colours of Kid Mohair so as to customize your Pullover Sestrière. A young pull with wide and clean sleeves, very practical. Particular is also the neck in kid mohair knitteed in ribs. Cute and young looking.

Cardigan Cortina:

Snuggly cardigan in soft extrafine merino, yarn Bucaneve. You need to try this article because its quality competes very well with the best cachemire! Adriafil propose a wide cardigan, refined in all its details. The pockets, the double-breasted opening, the button and the rib. An essential garment, but very refined in its details.

Pull Selva: a Kid Mohair idea

The pull Selva is really versatile: it is a simple pull with a large and soft neck, the sleeves open up in an attractive net of soft Kid mohair... try it with denims for a young look or matching it with an elegant dress. You will find it exciting to work with Adriafil Kid Mohair. The precious raw material used in the spinning process ensures great softness and warmth. Whoever knows kid mohair well, will confirm it without any doubt.

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