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Naturally... Nature!

Feel of natural? Here for you a lovely knitted waistcoat, soft and bon-ton looking, pure white and delicate, where cream (11) and white (02) colours of Nature Adriafil yarn go perfectly well together; the model is enriched by an original little bow Stockinette knitted, that gives a delicious stitches effect contrasting with the pattern of the gilet and the ribbing of the edges. Nature, the everlasting yarn of Adriafil collection, made of 100% not mercerized Egyptian cotton, gives a breath of fresh air to its colors scale for summer 2013, by introducing a subtle shade of violet, an intense bluette, an elegant ivy green and a cheerful straw yellow. Feast your eyes with the complete yarn sheet! And what about “Mette-Marit” waistcoat? Click on the link, there’s a mid-spring present for you!

Password: Rafia!

Password: Rafia! The trend of the moment is called RAFIA, it’s a natural fibre so versatile that can be used for crafts, for crocheting bags, belts, hats, accessories… and clothes as well! For the coming summer some famous Italian fashion houses have based their collections on raffia, a light, strong and original fibre. Adriafil always moves with the times and has been producing for years a kind of raffia completely vegetable, 100% made of cellulose and available in a very rich shade card, suitable for every use: 18 plain colours and 8 wisely mixed shades. Here’s an overview of Rafia by Adriafil in all its colours, shaded and plain ones. Prepare your size 5 crochet, summer’s coming… password: Rafia!

Navy becomes more and more fashionable!

Do you like this pullover? Simply refined but elegant at the same time, perfect for summertime, but for spring and autumn as well, thanks to Navy Adriafil yarn, a thick cotton that pleasantly warms. In this pattern Navy yarn is stockinette knitted with size needles 5 ½ (UK5 – US9) and is completed with ribbed edges. Did you see new colours of Navy for summer 2013? Geranium and navy blue, in line with the trend of the moment! Here the yarn card for the versatile Navy Adriafil, and here there's a present for you: you can download for free the explanations of "Clotilde" pattern, that is included in "Dritto & Rovescio" magazine by Adriafil, n°52!

Explosive news for summer 2013!

Spring is still unstable and gives us boring days only… How about bringing some colours in your routine? This top, knitted with Spritz by Adriafil it’s perfect for wearing in the summertime, but it’s ideal as a wrap over top, worn on a turtleneck during these breezy days. With Spritz It’s you who brings the sun! Spritz it’s one of Adriafil novelties for the coming summer and it’s made in 8 different fluo shades (trend of the moment!); it has a tubular structure, it’s practical, elastic and young! You can find the complete yarn card here and the explanations for knitting “Sheila” top on “Dritto & Rovescio” magazine by Adriafil n° 54 (spring/summer edition), available online at this link

Looking for new patterns for the coming summer? Browse with us Dritto & Rovescio n°54!

The first days of lukewarm sun make the mind fly towards the coming summer season... it's never too soon to create a little beautiful dress to show off in the city, in the country or on the beach! Do you need some inspiration? Are you looking for new ideas? Don't worry! Adriafil Yarn magazine n°54 complete of lookbook and patterns it's ready for you... browse with us the virtual copy! Adriafil "Dritto & Rovescio" magazine is available online at this link!

Elegance and lightness: let’s talk about Margarita.

This yarn is one of the two sparkling novelties for next summer: apparently it looks like an hard drawstring but it’s really lightweight on the skin; we are talking about Margarita, the perfect mix between elegance and lightness. Margarita has got a caged structure and it is made in 8 different shades enriched with little dashes of colour, that give to the yarn an elegant tweed effect; this yarn can be close-knitted or fishnet-knitted and it is suitable for creating cool outfits for your summer.

Spring has come at Adriafil!

Finally spring has come, bringing with itself a smell of newness: Bucaneve, Genziana and Primula yarns blossom with many brand new colours! An intense emerald green (colour of the year!) and a delicious pink for Genziana, new pastel sandy and grey shades for Bucaneve, and Primula, bluette and deep bottle green, suitable for all the family… come and see them!

Two-coloured scarf with ruffle effect... et Voilà!

Nine shades to match, many possible combinations, just one yarn… set your style free, et Voilà! Click for watching a practical video-tutorial for making an elegant two-coloured scarf with ruffle effect, using the original yarn Voilà by Adriafil; make pairs with your favourite colours and prepare the crochet!

Nina: here’s the grey colour!

Soft, wrapping, sparkling: let’s talk about Nina! Adriafil enriches the color range of this yarn with a wonderful grey, its micro transparent sequins make your garments shine! Click to watch the color range!

Junior fashion’s coming!

Pullover, gilet, ponchos, hats… everything for your babies! In addition to the summer and winter “Dritto & Rovescio” editions, Adriafil created a magazine designed for the style of the youngest, a special edition for junior fashion with many patterns suitable for all seasons and the related explanations for a practical and funny knitting. What are you waiting for? Order your personal copy of “Dritto & Rovescio” “Dritto & Rovescio” Junior Special Edition dealers. Soon available online. Have fun!

Everybody wants Rafia!

In addition to the green-based trend, 2013 seems to be characterized by a colored and sparkling style. Current fashion has got the colours and the versatility of the raffia, you can find it in the form of jackets, bags, belts… There's something to suit everyone's fancy! Consider that Dolce & Gabbana realized a wonderful bag in vegetal fibre for celebrating the 25th birthday of “Marie Claire” magazine, the “Dolce Bag”. For years, Adriafil has been producing an high-quality raffia, made of 100% natural cellulose and available in plain or shaded colours; take a look to the color range of Rafia by Adriafil and to the patterns knitted with this original yarn… everybody wants rafia!

2013 turns green!

The new year brings with itself a green-based trend, from dresses to scarves, from bags to pulls, everything turns green! Adriafil too opens the doors to the new year releasing four wonderful shades of green: our classic yarns Primula, Bucaneve and Charme introduce a deep bottle green, steadily present on the catwalks of the whole world, whereas Genziana introduces a refined brand new emerald green, colour of the year according to what states Pantone. This year fashion paints itself green!

Discover the natural color scale of Sierra Andina… be natural!

Sierra Andina Adriafil yarn is a flagship of Adriafil product line; with the softness and the preciousness of its extrafine alpaca, has got a big color choice. In this video-presentation you’ll discover the whole series of natural shades, conceived for giving elegance to your garments, from ivory to charcoal grey, going trough shades of grey and beige. And remember, no animals are mistreated for producing this wonderful yarn, Adriafil supports the campaign against the horrible practice of mulesing. Be natural… be Adriafil!

New entry forOdeon Lamè!

With Odeon Lamè by Adriafil every garment is a party! Its shiny colours enriched with lurex lamè, enhance your creations and make your day sparkling! Adriafil decided to give you as a gift for the winter season 2013 a new green colour in line with the trend of the moment…click and find out the Odeon Lamè new entry for winter 2013!

Browse with us “Dritto & Rovescio”n° 53!

Winter is long and cold, Adriafil thought up to offer you a virtual version of “Dritto & Rovescio” magazine n°53 to browse awaiting the warm months, with many soft and fascinating patterns. Give vent to your passion for knitting! From the pullover suitable for a mountain trip to the fashionable cardigan to wear on an evening out, from elegant natural-colored garments to the brightest and most colorful ones, in “Dritto & Rovescio” n°53 you’ll find these things and much more! What are you waiting for? Order “Dritto & Rovescio” mag n°53 at the following link: Dritto & Rovescio n°53

New year… new colours for Magia Adriafil Yarn!

New year new life and Magia Adriafil yarn, from Fai da te collection, renews itself as well with 12 new colours! Delicate and intense nuances that go from petroleum green to grape purple, from blue jeans to dove-colour, from mustard green to cyclamen… to be always fashionable! Don’t miss the chance to get some hanks of these beautiful colours, they are in limited edition!

Elegant, practical, funny... et Voilà!

Voilà Adriafil is a wonderful gift idea, simple and funny to be crocheted, for making beautiful scarfs with an elegant wavy effect! Et Voilà a quick overview of the available colours for this yarn; besides, click on this link and follow the practical tutorial for making a beautiful scarf with volants!

How to knit a wonderful scarf without needles? It’s a kind of MAGIA!

Magia Adriafil yarn renews itself with new colours in limited edition! Waiting for them to discover, let’s watch together this video and you’ll see how to knit this practical and versatile yarn… without needles, with your hands only! You can create a wonderful scarf in a few simple moves, as if by Magia!

What does Adriafil have in reserve for your winter? Mistero!

You certainly already know our extraordinary yarn Mistero, one of our Fancy Yarns which assures you a wonderful shaded effect by knitting with one ball only! But let’s not be mysterious, we do want to reveal you the five new shades proposed by Adriafil for the incoming winter: cool and vivid colours but delicate at the same time… there’s a breath of fresh air in Adriafil!

Pick-Up technique with “Wally” Adriafil Yarn: here’s how to knit a warm and delightful neck collar!

In the following video you can find a detailed explanation for the Pick-Up technique, used for knitting a warm neck collar to put on in the cold winter days; not only practical but colorful and trendy as well, thanks to Wally, a new yarn by Adriafil, proposed in delicate and bright colours. It is suitable for all tastes. Remember: one 80 gr hank of Wally is enough for creating an entire neck collar!

New look for Sierra Andina Adriafil Yarn!

Winter is coming and what’s better than cuddle yourself with a fluffy extrafine alpaca sweater? The precious yarn Sierra Andina by Adriafil renews itself for the cold season 2013, by introducing 11 new mélange shades, delicate and snug. Let’s have a look together… You are spoilt for choice!

Cachemire: new shades suitable for all the family!

We are so proud of our precious Cachemire that we’ve decided to donate you new shades of this extraordinary yarn: the previous color scale has been revisited and enriched with colours suitable for women, men and for your kids!

Yarn PEPE: "made in Italy" fantasy

PEPE is a warm and soft fancy yarn conceived and made in Italy by Adriafil. A very exciting look for a fabulous knitting effect: here are the colour range and some ideas for accessories. Choose your colours!

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