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Pulls for young people on Dritto & Rovescio

Among patterns and models published on Dritto & Rovescio it is not possible to miss the ideas for your people. Easy, with a lot of colours and very nice, the ideas for young people will be able to surprise you with pleasure. With Adriafil exclusivity is for babies too.

Adriafil Hand Knitting Magazine

"Dritto&Rovescio 39 is on line! Here you have the new patterns and the new ideas for the coming Spring/Summer season. Everything is presented in our special Dritto&Rovescio edition >> The new Dritto & Rovescio issue is also available in all Adriafil shops."

Special yarns for special events

Elegant, brighten, golden…that is the way to look for yarns of your big deals. Angel, Gold, Odeon lamè knitted by themselves or together with other yarns will create the right look....

Winter 2005/2006: the yarn Bucaneve

Bucaneve is a new yarn in pure merino wool extra fine, of the classic collection Adriafil. The Bucaneve is part of the fantastic family of yarns produced with this exceptional precious raw material. Thanks to its irresistible softness, Bucaneve will cuddle your skin in the cold moments transmitting you a warm sensation. The family of merino extra fine is composed by: BUCANEVE, GENZIANA and PRIMULA

Winter 2005/2006: the yarn Primula

PRIMULA is a new classic yarn that completes the rich Adriafil’s offer of yarns in pure merino extra fine. This rich and precious yarn is worked with a modern torsion that exalts softness and elegance, with comfort and practicalness. It’s available in many special sweet and delicate colours that will be able to satisfy every taste. The merino extra fine family is composed by PRIMULA, the yarn GENZIANA and BUCANEVE: now you can have the merino extra fine to work with your favourite needles!!

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Stella Alpina

Stella Alpina is a classic yarns in pure merino wool treated unpressed. You can wash this yarns in the machine without any problem. With Stella Alpina you can knit many different warm garments for the cold Winter, it is an extremely easy and pratical yarn. This beautiful yarn is available in classic and fashion colours ranges. Thank to this wool you have the opportunity to join simplicity and elegance.

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Melodia

The MELODIA was studied to meet the obvious new winter trend: the new look to follow is the hairy knitting. The article is realized in different classic or lively colours. The component of mohair makes this yarn soft at touch, light and always charming. The particular composition makes knitting vary pratical to be used. With Melodia yarn you can obtain a fashion classic garment suitable for all moment.

Here is the new Dritto & Rovescio issue

The new issue of Adriafil hand-knitting magazine is available in all Adriafil shops! You will discover a lot of new ideas knitted with the yarns which are part of beautiful Winter collection. In this issue you have many patterns; sweaters, scarves hats and more. Pictures instructions and graphics easy to follow… If you don’t find the magazine, you have the opportunity to order it on line

Winter Yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Softy

Softy is another reply to the new evident winter trend: hairy yarns. Softy is realized in different special colours combined together which will assure you a very special multicolour fantasy effect. When you are knitting you will discover the totally new colours effects and you will be astonished for the attractive “colours games”. This yarn is soft at touch and practical to be knitted; moreover thanks to its composition it is sure a pleasant warm during the cold winter days without renounce to have a very fashion and original garment.

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Carezza

A wonderful classic yarn always of great interest: fascinating and precious angora. It is ideal to make soft knitting items that caress sweetly your skin. You will feel hugged by this soft yarn during the cold winter days with a sensation of softness and warmth. This angora can be used both for knitting sweaters and for finishing, embroidery and inlay works. Your knitting will be sweet and elegant. A special attention has to be done to the price: you will be surprised for its cheap price!

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Felis

FELIS is a pure wool proposed in lively printed colours matched together. It will assure you fun and liking during the cold winter day giving you a pleasant sensation of softness and warmth. Felis can be used for knitting attractive sweaters and also funny scarves and hats. Felis gives you “willingness to live” in any situation.......

Winter yarns 2005/2006: new many colour

The new winter collection yarns colour Candy, Stars, Stars Print wish to surprise you again! Don’t forget the new classic yarns in 100% pure merino wool machine washable as Regina and Stella Alpina: we improved the quality and added a large choice of colours . Regina and Stella Alpina have to be knitted respectively with needles number 5 and 6. Available NOW!

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Decor

DECOR is a new nice idea: the decorative yarn. It means it can be used for any ideas and project of fantasy, both for decorating or bordering your knitting and for creating a fashionable garment. The mohair curling around the yarn make it precious and lively, it guarantees a prestigious exclusive end elegant garment!

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Baroque

Baroque is part of decorative yarns family: it is perfect for decorating and bordering effects or for realizing very glamour garments. The precious mohair enriched by special pieces of mohair makes a particular and beautiful contrast. Thanks to this fancy yarn it is guaranteed a touch of charm and originality to your garments.

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Taffy

Taffy and Sugar are elastic yarns. Adriafil uses a lot of attention in the production of this yarn which seems to be apparently a simple yarn, extremely easy to knit but technically sophisticated. Its elastic component is called “elité” and it guarantees the capacity to stick to the body without undesired deformation. Very soft at touch this yarn is proposed in fashionable colours softy printed; Taffy gives you a sensation of softness but without renounce to a touch of elegance.

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Sugar

This very soft yarn is realized in delicate or shaded colours, it is perfect for knitting light and comfortable garments in matching colours. Sugar and Taffy are elastic yarns, they have the capacity to stick to your body without undesired deformation. They give harmony and movement to the most classic knitting but without renounce to the comfort and elegance.

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Look

Look is an innovative yarn characterizes by evident contrasts that join together sporting fashion and fantasy. Soft hand and pleasant at touch, it is suitable for the creation of unusual garments. It is proposed in a classic colours range but also in a shocking one: the final effect is super!

Un’altra vera innovazione nel mondo dei filati: il filato gioiello. Vero Oro e argento creano e disegnano su un filo da lavorare a mano! L’effetto creato è di quelli che lasciano il segno: fascino ed eleganza. Non perdere l’occasione di vestire con un tocco di magia.

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Party

Another real innovation in yarns world: the jewel yarn. The trims in gold and silver create an effect really glamour… this beautiful yarn gives every your knitting charm and elegance. Don’t miss the opportunity to wear with a magic touch.

Winter yarns 2005/2006: the yarn Fizzy

The collection becomes funny and happy for the special “explosive effect” created by this nice yarn! It is used both for decorating and for bordering the sweater, or for realizing new and fashionable accessories for every flavour. Fizzy makes your knitting really unique with a touch of charme!

The yarn creativity: when you wish knitting

“Creativity is the idea and the capacity to create the yarns in an original way following the fashion trends, but always in the respect of the hand-knitting rules. This means to take into consideration what knitters want: novelties, colours, special effects, but always yarns easy to knit and comfortable. This is the big experience >>.”

Kid mohair: the magic fibre

Adriafil’s Kid Mohair comes from snow-white and bright kid mohair’s fleece and it is available in many colours. The Angora kids breed (from Ankara) exists from more than 3000 years. Its hair is normally sheared on April. The sheared production’s weight is, on average, about 1,6 kg for kid. The average Mohair thinness is 36 micron, but in little kids is 24 – 25 microns. Kid Mohair is a high quality material: it can be used either for winter pulls or for spring-summer pulls. It gives more lightness, freshness, brightness and it allows to avoid creases.

A new way of being: Action, Vintage, Happy, yarns come new.

With a wrapping pull you are never wrong. Preciousness of an hand knitted item with an Adriafil’s yarn makes yourself special in every event. Action,Vintage and Happy yarns have a new range of colours and they can give you a new way to look.

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