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Naif, the latest fashion

“Naif” is a funny fancy yarn alternatively characterized by “flame” and “fringe” features. It is especially suitable to create scarves, coats and ponchos to keep abreast of the times. It is available in several colours, from the softest to the brightest.

Birba, the kids yarn

“What a scamp!!”. Specially designed and created for kids ranging from the newborn to the scampest and brightest ones. Birba is 100% made by the most precious merino wool, pure, soft and gentle on skin.

Spillo, London style

This yarn which Adriafil suggests for the current season is an astonishing unisex innovation to create a new and modern tweed effect for an up-to-date London style. The “Spillo” yarn guarantees a wonderful feeling at touch which is enhanced by the particular structure of the colour of the thread. This yarn is very user-friendly: you can use a stocking stitch to gain a perfect look.

Bacio, Mohair Kiss

We could define this article “Mohair Kiss”. A high quality multicolour thread which will give you comfortable warmth to get over a crisp winter. Bacio boasts a new light look: an effect of mohair yarn which will suit a young and joyful garment as well as a refined and good manners style. In this season this article features five multicolour shades and five plain colours which can go hand in hand to foster your fanciful creativity and give light to enviable garments. You can thus choose and combine the latest fashion.

Now available online the new edition of Dritto & Rovescio!

The new edition of Dritto & Rovescio is online! The Adriafil magazine is an unmissable opportunity to keep up-to-date in terms of fashion, trends and elegance. Dritto & Rovescio features the most trendy themes, the strong elements of the season and the classic and never-ending ones: they are all manufactured with the precious Adriafil yarns, designed to meet the needs and the whims of our customers. Not only this but much more on the new edition of Dritto & Rovescio…Click on and enter this section: it’s free!

Precious viscose: Chance and Matisse

Are you looking for magic elegance? Now you can have it thanks to the precious silk effect of Chance and Matisse, ideal to realize bright and refined knitwear. Chance gives you bright plain colours while with Matisse a multicolour range assure you a very special contrast shine/mat: .. how to wear something really new and unique.

Ribbon for the summer: Papua and Tender

Jersey, pullover, inlays, but also accessories like hats and bags: Papua and Tender are real exclusive in their kind. Think to a wide stitch, to the cut-work pullover... and the characteristic of the ribbon yarn is exalted. Adriafil Papua and Tender are produced in pure Egyptian cotton that exalts all qualities: you can choose between plain and melange colours of the Papua and the beautiful shades of Tender.

Fashion and colour: the yarn Swing

Swing is simple and lively, suitable for all types of knit works and multicolour summer clothing: the joy comes with colours and Swing brings colours and joy. You can knit a pullover for you, for man and for child too.

Irony and optimism with the yarn Warhol

If you love the exceptional, the new and funny, the yarn Warhol is perfect for you. This absolute innovation will give you sure emotions thanks to trend colours and a rich thread with polka-dot effect. Ideal for special knitwear or and lively details, to create clothes unusual to see and to wear.

Lights in fancy: the yarn Matisse

Matisse is a fancy and refined yarn for who loves light and the elegance of the viscose, with a neutral base that, thanks to the contrast, set off all the characteristics. In every occasion you can wear a pullover knitted in Matisse, sure to not go unnoticed.

Happy Summer 2006 with the yarn Van Gogh

Look and comfort in 8 stimulants shades, enriched by viscose and happy pieces of colour, special to realize valuable and exclusive clothes, without neglect the desire of practicality and fun.

Wish of spring season: cotton yarns Navy and Nature

Wish of spring, wish of Navy and Nature... Enjoy great moments with the first sun of the new season and our cottons Navy and Nature, ideal especially in this period. Sweet and soft, with Navy and Nature, thanks to their characteristics, you will knit suitable pullovers for the fresh days of this time.

Precious knitting with the camel yarn

One of the most precious yarn in the world is the yarn composed by camel fleece. Rightly famous, it gives you a light and warm softness. It is sweet and silky at touch. Among Adriafil precious yarns you can find the CAMELHAIR, proposed exclusively in the natural camel colour.

Comfort of Adriafil’s stretch yarns

Adriafil’s yarns properly stretch guarantee exceptional characteristics of comfort when knitted. Easy to be knitted (it is enough to realize a small sample in order to understand the better tension), they are suitable not only for creating a close-fitting pull. The yarns which compose our STRETCH collection make your pull "active": this knitting "will follow" you in all days movement. Try the Stretch yarns both for Winter and Summer.

Fancy yarns for baby protagonists

Baby yarns cover an important place in Adriafil collection. In addition to the classic pure merino wools or blended wools, we suggest you a lot of specific fancies, always very easy to be knitted: the ICE CREAM, NICE BABY, AVANTGARDE BABY , MIRAGE BABY and many others, as the NINNA NANNA excellent for knitting warm baby covers.

Odeon Lamè yarn

The glamour of the gold in the knitting… a real magical effect! Odeon Lamè yarn is able to create garments that cannot pass unnoticed : you can knit just it or you can use it together with other yarns to create great inlays. Odeon Lamè is perfect for your hand-knitting works, for crochet and also for machine-works. As you wear it …you will be surprised at its great softness.

Many colours for your embroideries!

The small cotton balls "Ricamo 8" of 20 gr for embroideries and crochet-works are available both in plain and in shaded colours: choose them in the assorted box by your retailer!!!

Stretch technology : Mohair Stretch

The yarn fil MOHAIR STRETCHis the last innovation of Adriafil’s stretch family. It is a yarn composed mostly by the best quality mohair. The stretch technology includes the addition of an elastomer component which guarantee the requested characteristics: garments make you free in your movements and give to your garments a better wearability

Yarns to decorate your knitting

If you wish to make an inlaid work on your knitting, to border your garments or to realize any decoration, Adriafil propose you a special range of yarns for the best results. For example the new FIZZY, DECOR and BAROQUE offer you very attractive solutions. For sure they are also suitable for the knitting of very special fancy garments.

Easy and elegant movement of colour

Certainly new and attractive are the colours which increase the beauty of the yarns Sugar and Softy. When you are knitting , the shades change their colour and their aspect designing beautiful and sweet fancies. Adriafil’s fancy yarns offer you the opportunity to create always new effects in a easy and quick way!

Gold and Silver on your pull: the yarn PARTY

It seems impossible but it is true: today Adriafil offers you the JEWELLEY PULL. PARTY: a precious merino wool yarns is decorated with rich gold for a result extremely exciting. Our idea is the combinations of gold and silver on a merino yarn white, cream or black. Gold and silver on the black for a strong effect and for obtaining a precious sensation, gold and silver on the white and cream to be elegant and refined. Don’t miss the opportunity to try this beautiful Adriafil’s novelty.

Scarves and hats for young people

On the hand-knitting magazine Dritto & Rovescio you have the opportunity to find a lot of beautiful ideas for knitting scarves and hats also for babies and young people. Adriafil’s magazine is available at the yarns shops with our yarns or directly on line in this web site.

Alphabetical Order

In addition to the areas “Adriafil Yarns” and “A&S Yarns”, you can find a new way for the research of our yarns. If you click on “Alphabetical Order”, you can visit a page where all the yarns are shown together. If you click on the preview you can enter the page of the yarn. This section is really helpful to have an overview of the collection or to find the yarn of your interest..

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Dritto & Rovescio

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