Dritto & Rovescio n. 65


Autumn sees the rise of natural beauty with rich and refined materials. We welcome new natural fibres such as the eco-friendly bamboo, the precious Yak fiber and the camel hair in new fancy seasonal colours.
Soft cable-knitted pullovers, elegant openworks and multi-colored designs mimic the varied color palette of Nordic panorama.
Different effects for original knitwear designs: stripes, cables, starry nights, subtle and snuggling transparencies, with a warm and cozy feel.
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Pull mit Schal
Garn: Soffio Plus

Pull Reykjavik
Garn: Doré

Poncho mit snood
Garn: Sierra Andina

Pullover Thule
Garn: Primula

Nuuk Lange Jacke
Garn: Istante

Norilsk Pull
Garn: Diletta

Whitehorse Pull
Garn: Cachemire

Tallinn Tunika
Garn: Regina

Nordkapp Pull
Garn: Camelpiù

Dritto & Rovescio

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100% Made in Italy
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