Dritto & Rovescio n. 61

Nature, classic, city, playful: a style for everone!

Here's a design for every occasion and taste, either you want to stand out in the urban landscape or just want to blend with nature. It's up to you! And the yarns? Each one with its own peculiarity (texture, colour, softness..) they give to the models a unique look. Innovation and novelty can be seen in the structure and in the raw materials of the yarns. And what about the colour ranges? A magazine it's worth getting to know better!

Download basic instructions!

Precious suggestions for knitting your garments, abbreviations, basic stitches and much more!

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Pullover Isobel
Garn: Cachemire

Cape Fiona
Garn: WoLi

Jacke Lilo
Garn: EtaBeta

Cardigan Daphne
Garn: Mistero

Pullover Lexie
Garn: Cortina

Cardigan Jane
Garn: Unico

Cape Trudy

Pullover Nala

Schulterwärmer Eleanor
Garn: Candy

Dritto & Rovescio

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100% Made in Italy
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