Dritto & Rovescio n. 60

Pretty pastels, flowers fest, tribal harmony, classic chic

It's time for stylish new trends and colours! The new models are suitable for all tastes and needs, ranging from sportive to romantic and from soft pastel shades to contrasting desings in bright colours. What about the yarns? They enrich and enhance the garments, each with its own peculiarity, creating unique effects. Discover them all!

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Pulli Larissa
Garn: Amami

Top Zosma
Garn: Setasilk

Set Franciska
Garn: Rafia

Top Dione
Garn: Doppio Ritorto 8/3=5

Tasche Anthe
Garn: Rafia

Smartphone Etui Rosalind
Garn: Ricamo 8

Top Cressida
Garn: Kimera

Dritto & Rovescio

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