Die Klassischen

Reine Merinowolle


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Die Klassischen / Reine Merinowolle

Another exclusive innovation of this collection: the user-friendly jacquard! The dyeing has been worked out on an eight-colour thread just to achieve a real jacquard effect. This implies that, by simply working with plain and purl stitch, you will get coloured striped pattern with jacquard elements. Forget the hard manufacturing to achieve this particular pattern. The composition and the count enable you to create wonderful garments which suit everyone. Obviously with an unparalleled easiness, you really must have a try..

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50 gr. Ball (mt. 125) in 500 gr. box
Zusammensetzung der Garne: 100% wool (superwash merino) - Machine washable, wool cycle
Nadeln: 4-4,5 mm Gauge 4''=20 sts/29 rows

modelle - zur verfügung stehende farbenEinige Ideen, die mit diesem Garn verwirklicht wurden
Zur Verfügung stehende Farben
  • 53 Kandinsky phantasy
  • 57 Botticelli Fancy
  • 62 Beethoven Fancy
  • 64 Verdi Fancy
  • 69 Warhol Fancy
  • 70 Klimt Fancy
  • 71 Chagall Fancy
  • 73 Géricault Fancy
  • 74 Natural fancy
  • 75 Sea fancy
  • 76 Forest fancy
  • 77 Baby fancy
  • 79 Kahlo fancy
  • 80 Callas fancy
  • 83 Goya fancy
  • 84 Madagascarfantasie
  • 85 Formenterafantasie
  • 87 Santorinifantasie
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100% Made in Italy
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