Die Klassischen

blend of wool and cotton

DUO PLUS Comfort

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Die Klassischen / blend of wool and cotton

The effective combination of wool and cotton that makes the success of DUO yarn, could not be perfect without a multicolour version. Duo Plus goes through a modern dyeing process that draws colourful lines of different length and height following a jacquard pattern. All the colours are enriched by a white uniform sprinkled effect.
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50 gr. ball (120 mt)
Zusammensetzung der Garne: 52% merino wool 48% Egyptian cotton - Machine washable, wool cycle
Nadeln: 4,5 mm Gauge 4''=19 sts/26 rows

modelle - zur verfügung stehende farbenEinige Ideen, die mit diesem Garn verwirklicht wurden
Zur Verfügung stehende Farben
  • 41 Sea fancy
  • 44 Spring fancy
  • 45 Colourful fancy
  • 46 Twilight fancy
  • 47 Baby fancy
  • 48 Tropical fancy
  • 49 Safarifantasie
  • 50 Blumenfantasie
Dritto & Rovescio

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100% Made in Italy
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