Die Phantasie



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Die Phantasie / Herbst-Winterkollektion

Cromia is the result of a wise blending of 18 tops of different colours. The slight raising adds that softness that confers a refined smoothness to the garments, whose surface will be pleasantly hectic. Cromia has a thin title that makes it suitable for a variety of works, ideal for cosy pullovers and cardigans, but also perfect for accessories with playful taste. The shade card has been renewed and offers eight different colours, in the card the nuances chase and lose themselves ... but only to find themselves afterwards. A pleasant surprise on the needles, even just working on a plain knit.


Knäul da 50 gr / 110 m, Verpackungseinheit von 500 gr.
Zusammensetzung der Garne: 62% Acryl 38% Wolle
Nadeln: 3,5 mm - Maschenprobe 10x10= 21 Maschen/31 Reihen

modelle - zur verfügung stehende farbenEinige Ideen, die mit diesem Garn verwirklicht wurden
Zur Verfügung stehende Farben
  • 10 Sand
  • 10 Sand/Rosa
  • 11 Lila/Violett
  • 13 Himmelmulti
  • 14 Rot/Orange
  • 15 Hellmulti
  • 16 Rot/Bordeaux
  • 17 Violett/Braun
  • 18 Rosa/Lila
Dritto & Rovescio

Die Nummer 69 der Zeitschrift ist jetzt online verfügbar

100% Made in Italy
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