Die Phantasie

Frühlings -
Sommerkollektion 2020


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Die Phantasie / Frühlings -
Sommerkollektion 2020

Terna: cotton, linen and viscose, a rich and varied composition for this new jaspé yarn, whose natural fibres are delicately twisted together during the spinning process, where linen plays a key role giving the yarn a peculiar 'wild' ,but still precious look. The structure and the classic shades of grey, sand and blue evoke past memories, while the strong and striking tones of shocking pink, red and emerald green bring us back to the present in a never ending dance between tradition and modernity. An irregular spiral effect along the entire length of its thread enhances the shades and structure of this country chic yarn. Thousands of lovely qualities for this new S/S yarn, which is - above all - machine washable on the gentle cycle. The garments knitted with Terna feature a peculiar country chic look


Knäul 50 gr / 125 m, Verpackungseinheit von 500 gr.
Zusammensetzung der Garne: 60% Baumwolle 30% Viskose 10% Leinen
Nadeln: 4 mm - Maschenprobe 10x10= 22 Maschen/33 Reihen

modelle - zur verfügung stehende farbenEinige Ideen, die mit diesem Garn verwirklicht wurden
Zur Verfügung stehende Farben
  • 60 Ekrü
  • 61 Apfelgrün
  • 62 Bleigrau
  • 63 Fuchsia
  • 64 Tabak
  • 65 Petrolblau
  • 67 Jeansblau
Dritto & Rovescio

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100% Made in Italy
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