Die Phantasie

Frühlings -
Sommerkollektion 2020

Bon Ton

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Die Phantasie / Frühlings -
Sommerkollektion 2020

As the name suggests, is a thin, delicate, lightweight and incredibly soft yarn…A real pleasure to work with it! And it goes such a long way with its 195 mt in a 50 g ball! Made almost entirely of premium cotton (97%), it has just a tiny percentage of polyester to feel a bit softer and pleasant to the touch. Six intriguing new shades to satisfy any age and need. The colour are cleverly matched to achieve a contrast tone-on-tone shading effect with a lovely elegant look. The stripy effect is unusual and unexpected, every row is a surprise even worked in stocking stitch and your top will always look unique! Garments made with Bon Ton yarn are refined and elegant!


Knäul da 50 gr / 195 m, Verpackungseinheit von 500 gr.
Zusammensetzung der Garne: 97% Baumwolle 3% Polyester
Nadeln: 3 mm - Maschenprobe 10x10= 28 Maschen/36 Reihen

modelle - zur verfügung stehende farbenEinige Ideen, die mit diesem Garn verwirklicht wurden
Zur Verfügung stehende Farben
  • 80 Sand
  • 80 Sandfarbene Fantasie
  • 81 Aprikosenfarbene Fantasie
  • 82 Meeresfarbene Fantasie
  • 83 Kirschfarbene Fantasie
  • 84 Zeder farbige Fantasie
  • 86 Fantasiehimmel
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100% Made in Italy
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