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Knitting ideas: fancy shoes - yarn Lunare

For this year we give full play to our imagination with new ideas for the mid-season. Easy to knit, Adriafil fancy shoes are a good example of the outcome of the new yarn Lunare, made of 75% superwash wool. Lunare creates a pleasant shaded effect on the garment. Choose the colours that you prefer and match your shoes with a jacket.

The thinness of the fibre in Adriafil pure wool yarns

The caption on a label that states "Merino wool" is often not sufficient to determine the good quality of a yarn. One can find good merino wools but also ordinary ones. Unfortunately many people play on this perception of good quality based only on the name of the origin of the sheep. The degree of thinness of a fibre plays an important role in determining the quality of the wool. This can vary depending on the age of the animal, but also from the number of sheds and from its life conditions. The unit of measurement with which we determine the diameter of the fibres is the MICRON, that measures length in thousandth of a millimeter in the metric system. The less the thickness of a fibre, the more the softness of it. If a fibre is too thick, it can irritate the nerve cells of the skin - it is the case of some classic sheep wools, the thickness of which can measure up to 40 micron. Adriafil uses exclusively merino wool at low micronage, well known for the softness of its fibre. Thanks to the thinness, merino fibres (their thickness is established between 19 and 25 micron) folds themself when they touch the skin, avoiding to sting it. For those that can not perceive the lightness of such a measurement, just think that a human hair, in our opinion soft and light, measures from 50 to 100 micron! Clearly, extracting and treating merino wool is more expensive than a more standard wool, but thanks to this factor among others, the result on your skin will be much more pleasant.

Knitcol yarn - 6 new coming colours!

To satisfy the great request of all our customers, 6 new colours of Knitcol will soon be released! The most loved yarn of the Adriafil collection will display a 16 colours shade card, of which the new ones will be even more lively and characterized by a dominant shade. No variations in the quality of the 100% merino that composes this article. Machine washable.

New - Ninnao, fancy yarn for children

New yarn coming for all children! Ninnao is a classic yarn in pure wool, to knit blankets for your kids. Today, Ninnao is available in a new fancy version, to make even more lively patterns in the classic baby shades. Give your children some good Adriafil tenderness.

Crochet - Uno a mako 16/3=8 – New shade

Emerald green becomes part of the makò 8, fine and prestigious Egyptian cotton for crocheting, embroidery, centerpieces and summer accessories. Adriafil selects only the best Egyptian cotton for its crochet cotton.

Sultano - Hand knit scarves and shawls

Sultano is one of the three yarns of the “Fai da te” family, together with Magia and Genio. Innovative for the bouclé effect created by the thread, this 200 gr hank allows you to make scarves with your hands, by using the Adriafil knitting method “Fai da te” (Knit it yourself). By knitting more loose, the metrage of Sultano allows you to create a whole shawl!

Crea - The yarn to be felted

Knitted up in a normal way, it comes out as a lively printed pattern, if felted in the washing machine, it is able to transform bags and accessories in very fashionable gadget! Crea is the new Adriafil yarn with a double purpose, available in 6 different colours in order to have fun and learn to felt.

Candy & Mirtillo - Both thick but different yarns

To prepare your winter patterns, today you can choose a new thick yarn: Mirtillo can be knitted as a standard chunky yarn to make garments or accessories with a medium thickness. A warm yarn in a very long ball (140 mt). For those that prefer pure fibres with wool content, Candy is still available, the classic chinky yarn blended with alpaca, renewed in its shade card.


Primula is one of the three Adriafil classic yarns in extrafine merino wool. Available in two new light shades for Spring 2011: pastel pink and lilac. Shades like these ones suit very well the softness of this yarn.


Bucaneve is one of the three Adriafil classic yarns in extrafine merino wool. Available in two new shades for Spring 2011: pastel pink and bluette. Shades like these ones suit very well the softness of this yarn.


Azzurra has always been a classic blended yarn in the Adriafil collection for its thin weight and its balanced wool/acrylic ratio. It is an ideal yarn for light pullovers and cardigans for you and your children to wear throughout the spring. Available now in the new popular lilac shade.


Reaching its third year in the collection, Mistero is a more and more popular printed yarn. A warm standard chuncky yarn, easy to work with, that knits up in interesting shaded large stripes. Suitable for garments or accessories of all kinds. Four new colours join the already 12 available ones in the shade card, with purple classic nuances of turquoise fashionable ones.


Charme is back in three new shades for the next spring and winter. Very demanded is the pearl grey, the most popular classic colour of the year, available in the new shade card with lilac and purple. With Charme you can try the softness of Adriafil extrafine merino in a comfortable and elegant chunky yarn.


Adriafil adds in the Memphis collection (Egyptian cotton DK) two new fashionable colours for summer 2011: coral pink and a new bluette . To be knitted together for a fancy fashionable result or separetly, both colours are proving to be a great option to bring freshness to your summer!


If ecru was not enough, together with white, to show the beauty of the classic cotton Nature, Adriafil adds a new cream colour in line with the latest trend for summer 2011. Another new entry in the shade card is the army green, a shade that exhaults the torsion of the “poor cotton”. Nature is 100% Egyptian cotton, the price of which is accessible for everybody, leaving you only with the pleasure of knitting it up.


The yarn Cheope, a fine and resistant yarn in balls of 50gr, expands its shade card to two new shades: a vintage pink and a classic cream colour, to celebrate the return of the natural nuances of the Egyptian cotton.


One of the best seller yarns of last year is coming back in more and more trendy colours. With its size, Snappy Ball allows you to knit any children pattern and sleeveless garments with just one 200 gr ball. Available now in the demanded coral pink and a new funky green.

New Dvd - The videos for the knitting demonstration of Fai Da Te yarns

The Dvd with the video presentation of the Fai Da Te process are available in their updated version. Two new entries enlarge the range of the armknitting yarns: MAGIA with its classic look and GENIO with its fancy colours. Both being available in 200 gr. hanks, you can now create thick scarfs in just a few steps. The Dvd is available in three languages and it is the best possible support to help you with the realisation of the Fai Da Te yarns, the Adriafil patented knitting method.

GENIO - Fancy yarn to work with hands and arms

Very soft and warm yarn, Genio stands out for its thickness and the multicolour shades. Genio is one of the yarns to be worked with the new Adriafil armknitting process, an innovative knitting method to create scarfs in just a few easy steps. Suitable for multicolour necks and scarfs for you and your children.

Magia - A classic yarn to knit up with your arms

It is magic and satisfying indeed to knit scarves, shawls and any other accessory in just a few minutes. Magia is the new Adriafil yarn to be knitted with your arms, in a 200 gr. hank version (1 hank = 1 scarf). It is also suitable for beginners that want to approach the knitting experience. Search on You Tube for the video to learn how to work with Magia with the Fai Da Te process, the new armknitting method patented by Adriafil.

Dritto & Rovescio n. 50 - Adriafil summer pattern book

Dritto & Rovescio n. 50 is now available on line! The renowned pattern book with Adriafil patterns is available in the shops that sell Adriafil yarns in printed version, or on line, downloadable in signle leaflets. Choose the pattern that matches the style that you have in mind dor your summer and the one of your children. As always, there is plenty of choice in this new booklet...

Once in the shop, look for the color!

It is very easy to find the peculiar Adriafil printed yarns: Knitcol and Duo Plus. One is a pure merino wool while the other is a wool and cotton mix. They immediately jump out for their distinctive fair isle effect and are ideal for children patterns, matching scarves and hats or spring bags.

Mistero in vertical effect.

Very original pattern made with the yarn Mistero. The classic shade white/grey/black is proving very successful this year. In this case the originality consists in a vertical effect given to the vest. A simple but interestingly unusual idea from Sylvie Boissière.

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