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Christmas fancy yarns

Get ready for Christmas! The Adriafil collection includes several items conceived for the Christmas period. Fancy yarns enriched with lurex thread for brighter accessories (Malizia, Libero, Capriccio, Elite), fur yarns (Miro) and yarns with transparent sequence (Nina, Giada) to decorate your Christmas garments. Finally, Gold and Odeon Lamé are shiny fancy yarns for the evenings at home or with friends.


A pattern that is currently appreciated by our customers and fans. The dress "Curiosa" is a pinafore dress, open in front with big buttons and finished in treble worked using a fur stitch. Candy is a super chunky yarn, suitable for the winter months, mainly thanks to the alpaca component that characterizes it. Pattern book: Dritto & Rovescio 51

Yarn Soffio Plus

The tenderness od fine mohair, the comfort of a pure fibre made in Italy, a wide colour range to dress fashionably and show bright colours in any winter day. It is the yarn Soffio Plus , 150 mt in 50 gr ball, our suggestion for the month of December.

AZZURRA: a thin and delicate yarn

30 different colours for children and adults for the yarn Azzurra, an Adriafil classic. The 70% wool content ensures a very good quality to this 3 ply yarn, very thin and delicate, that measures 225 mt. Amuse yourself with small needles and make your children happy! You can find Azzurra patterns also on the latest Children Patteln Book released by Adriafil.

Adriafil: Scarfs of all kinds, easy to knit.

Adriafil will get to the Christmas period with plenty of present ideas to suggest. Thanks to the Faidate method, you can make easy and comfortable scarfs directly with your hands. The demand for the yarns Magia, Sultano and Genio is increasing because they constitute a very nice present for your friends to create by themselves their own accessories. With the new yarn VOILA, surprise and pleasure are granted: it is an already knitted ribbon to which you just add the spinning shape with simple crochet movements. The result is soft and trendy. Think in advance to your Christmas presents and visit your closest yarn retailer...


A pretty pattern idea coming directly from France! It shows us the multicolour effect of the yarn Duo Plus (merino wool and Egyptian cotton blend) in a way that really brings out all the elegance that this pure fibre deserves. For you to enjoy and try on your own as well with this yarn or with the other self-striping yarns of our collection (knitcol, impulso, caracas, fiore...)

Fancy yarn: MITO

A chunky yarn, suitable for the cold weather of december, presented in the natural shades of beige and grey. Mito is a synonym for softness, purity and great quality for your fancy patterns, consisting in a good wool blend. It is perfect for thick winter garments.

Baba: fancy basket

Adriafil's latest collection has pointed towards rowing spun yarns. You can find them in natural colours or multicolours, even enriched by a lurex thread (Mito, Monello, Malizia). Here is an example of a fancy basket knitted with our classic yarn Baba in pure fancy wool. Thanks to Pendle Stitches for the idea..


A beautiful garment knitted up with the yarn Mistero by the shop Woolly Minded in England. Grey is always a popular colour in the winter season and Adriafil tries to vary its presentation. By blending this shade with cream, beige and charcoal we create the Mistero effect shown in the picture, that our fan know very well...

Pattern idea - Yarn NINA

Pattern idea knitted with the yarn Nina. Soft fancy wool enriched by transparent sequence that will give a modern and classy touch to your shawl. An elegant and comfortable yarn to wear with friends when going out in the week end. Pattern made by the shop Woolly Minded (Uk)

100% Alpaca Adriafil - Sierra Andina

The Alpaca fibre is appreciated for its insulating properties, for its lightness and its silky texture. It is important to remember that alpaca garments were worn by the Inca emperors of the past. The alpaca fleece is wavy and crimped and this makes the fibre suitable for spinning for the knitting industry. It is a fibre with a low level of lanoline and this decreases the odour of the raw material and makes it easy to wash. If compared with sheep wool, alpaca is warmer and more resistant. Adriafil collection propose Sierra Andina (100% alpaca) in as many as 35 different colours: 10 natural shades (from cream to beige and brown and from light grey to black), 8 natural dyed shades and 17 fashion colours of the Made in Italy. The yarn is fine and it measures 133 mt.

YARN: Charme

With the first cold breeze of these days, we all start looking for a soft and warm yarn to start the autumn season with a good sense of security. Adriafil Charme is every year a good solution: a chunky yarn, easy and quick to knit up and extremely soft. Cachemire and extrafine merino are noble fibres, that will make it a pleasure for you to work with this yarn, turning it into colorful accessories and warm evening gilets.


Lunare is a yarn in bright and lively fashion colours, with a tone on tone shaded effect, very suitable for young people. It is a protective yarn too, considering the composition of 75% wool. The pattern in the picture, made by the shop "Au comptoire de la laine" in France is an elegant example of colour matching in one garment, for this trendy yarn.

NEW YARN - VOILA'! The easy and fashionable scarf

Are you looking for a new accessory, easy and quick to knit up, but fashionable at the same time? Adriafil launches Voila', the new scarf in plain trendy colours. You can work Voila in a simple linear way by using a crochet hook. Choose the colours that suits your look at best and work the soft mohair and wool net. With just a single ball you will soon have your scarf completed, together with the elegant touch that you were looking for...

Formex 2011: Adriafil in the Stockholm Trade Show

Adriafil just concluded a new appointment with its European audience. Formex 2011, a swedish trade show at a national level for creative arts and household items and furniture, finished a week ago. Classic and fancy alternated on the stand in order to show to all the visitors the latest trends in the field of knitting yarn. Adriafil is proud to attend all the main European appointments with customers, to show the quality of Made in Italy yarns.

Fancy trend 2011

The new Adriafil fancy collection for winter 2011 shows roving spun yarns in three different versions. MITO is a chuncky yarn in seven natural shades, conceived for comfortable mountain garments; MALIZIA displays fashion colours enriched by a lame thread for those that want more refined knitted garments. MONELLO is a flamboyant yarn in a more matt finish for colourful patterns or presented in a “lux” version for accessories with a shiny surface. Chunky yarns, then, as fashion wants them, well known from Adriafil fans for the high wool percentage and the great characteristics of resistance and elasticity, for you to give colour to your winter look.

The Royal Wedding relaunches angora

Here is a picture of the beautiful Kate Middleton in the day of her wedding. Since the First Lady wore this lovely angora cardigan, the knitting world immediately reacted by finding new interest in this noble fibre. Angora is shed from the angora rabbit and allows the creation of very soft and warm garments. The quantity of angora that one can extract from the animal, though, is limited to its dimensions and the few annual sheds, making this yarn a luxury product. Adriafil presents angora in the classic colours white and cream (see picture)and in a whole range of classic and fashionable ones.

Yarn DUO PLUS, pure merino and Egyptian cotton together

Pure merino and an excellent Egyptian cotton together in a wonderful multicolour yarn. That’s DUO PLUS, the Double Knitting Yarn suitable for every season in 5 fancy colours. This is the “Mini-Pull Alice” from the Magazine “Dritto e Rovescio” n.50 and on the website

New children pattern book! 0-6 years old

New Adriafil release! It is almost ready to be published a whole pattern book for children with all our best classic yarns. Jackets, little dresses, accessories and children sets for kids aging from 0 to 6 years old in many of our blended and pure yarns, plus some special pattern using pure fibres or fancy yarns. Knitting for children is one of the best ways to give them a simple but satisfying present.

Knitting ideas: fancy shoes - yarn Lunare

For this year we give full play to our imagination with new ideas for the mid-season. Easy to knit, Adriafil fancy shoes are a good example of the outcome of the new yarn Lunare, made of 75% superwash wool. Lunare creates a pleasant shaded effect on the garment. Choose the colours that you prefer and match your shoes with a jacket.

The thinness of the fibre in Adriafil pure wool yarns

The caption on a label that states "Merino wool" is often not sufficient to determine the good quality of a yarn. One can find good merino wools but also ordinary ones. Unfortunately many people play on this perception of good quality based only on the name of the origin of the sheep. The degree of thinness of a fibre plays an important role in determining the quality of the wool. This can vary depending on the age of the animal, but also from the number of sheds and from its life conditions. The unit of measurement with which we determine the diameter of the fibres is the MICRON, that measures length in thousandth of a millimeter in the metric system. The less the thickness of a fibre, the more the softness of it. If a fibre is too thick, it can irritate the nerve cells of the skin - it is the case of some classic sheep wools, the thickness of which can measure up to 40 micron. Adriafil uses exclusively merino wool at low micronage, well known for the softness of its fibre. Thanks to the thinness, merino fibres (their thickness is established between 19 and 25 micron) folds themself when they touch the skin, avoiding to sting it. For those that can not perceive the lightness of such a measurement, just think that a human hair, in our opinion soft and light, measures from 50 to 100 micron! Clearly, extracting and treating merino wool is more expensive than a more standard wool, but thanks to this factor among others, the result on your skin will be much more pleasant.

Knitcol yarn - 6 new coming colours!

To satisfy the great request of all our customers, 6 new colours of Knitcol will soon be released! The most loved yarn of the Adriafil collection will display a 16 colours shade card, of which the new ones will be even more lively and characterized by a dominant shade. No variations in the quality of the 100% merino that composes this article. Machine washable.

New - Ninnao, fancy yarn for children

New yarn coming for all children! Ninnao is a classic yarn in pure wool, to knit blankets for your kids. Today, Ninnao is available in a new fancy version, to make even more lively patterns in the classic baby shades. Give your children some good Adriafil tenderness.

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