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Chunky yarns for accessories

Adriafil promotes it best products to be knitted with chunky needles. Candy and Charme are some of the more classic references, nontheless whoever wants to work with something different can choose one of the multicoloured shades of Baba. This yarn is perfect for accessories, as the one shown in the above picture. The light and shade effects and the peculiar structure make unique and amusing items.

AIGUILLES EN FETE - Exhibition in Paris - 9-10 11-12th of february

February 2012 - "Aiguilles en fete" exhibition in Paris - Adriafil confirms its attendance to this popular public exhibition, following the success of last year. At the Adriafil stand knitters will be able to try the quality linked to the Made in Italy production: classic and fancy yarns with their fashionable patterns.

Fingerless gloves in 100% merino

The fingerless gloves in 100% merino that we propose today are really elegant. The idea comes from the shop Knitwise in Ormskirk and what is needed for it is the yarn REGINA, Adriafil merino machine washable, available in more than 30 different colours. We cannot deny it: classic patterns never go out of style...

Shawl in Candy

A wonderful example of warm and wrapping shawl with a braid pattern in the middle, knitted with the yarn CANDY. Thanks to the shop Tricottiamo in Italy to share the picture with us. We remind knitters that the new 5 shades of this yarn are now available in the collection.

Knitting Idea - Poncho Sierra Andina

A child pattern that is having a great success in this period is the set poncho-hat knitted in Sierra Andina. There is nothing better than the softness and the thermic properties of the Adriafil alpaca for your children in teh winter time. A simple pattern with a touch of class and originality.

NEW SHADES: New Zealand Print

Also the Adriafil printed yarns renovate their shade cards. New combinations of fashion colours to brighten up your childrens' garments with New Zealand Print. Multi blue/orange/fuchsia Multi emerald Multi blue Multi autumn

Genziana - New colours

3 new colours for the yarn Genziana, precious extrafine merino. Dove-grey and air force blue that implement the 24 already existing colours. Genziana is a perfect yarn for you and your children, soft, long yarded and machine washable.


Adriafil presents the new shades for the yarn Candy: warm and shaded colours for chunky sweaters that will allow you to renovate the colour of your winter garments and accessories. Water green Emerald green Denim blue Old rose Dark green


The very successful angora yarn of the Adriafil collection widens it shade card. Knit the softness of this pure fibre to create fashionable accessories. Beige Dark grey Army green Prada red

Knitcol: socks in new colours

Here is an example of a sock with one of the new Knitcol shades, launched for the current season. With Knitcol you can really knit anything and our fans already have surprised us more than once with their pictures. Check the facebook page "Adriafil yarn & design" in order to see other knitting ideas and get inspired for your next Knitcol project.


Globe is a historic yarn in the Adriafil collection. The wool and nylon composition makes this yarn elastic and comfortable to knit. Adriafil presents this "classic" again with a new shade card. Tourquoise Orange Yellow Dark beige Light grey

Pattern Ideas: Lana Naturale Inca

Crocheted hat made with the blend wool and alpaca Adriafil. Lana Naturale Inca is a pure fibre, presented in the natural colours of alpaca, very resilient and warm. Thanks to The Knit Studio in Newcastle for this pattern idea.

Scarfs in all colours

A rainbow of colours for you to choose with the confortable scarf yarn Voila. The result is undoubtedly original and fashionable, very easy to match to your everyday outfit. Do not forget: 1 hank = 1 scarf!

CAREZZA: Precious angora

It is ideal to make soft knitting items that caress sweetly your skin. With Carezza the knitted pattern can not go unnoticed: the precious yarn effect always points out for the particular elegance passed to the garment. This angora, other that for knitting, it is ideal and special for finishing, embroidery and inlay work.

Our best wishes - Merry Christmas

Adriafil staff wishes you a merry Christmas with your families. In the picture an angel with handmade hair knitted with the yarn Mirage (Magasin Le Monde de Baika - France)

Knitcol - Christmas Socks

For the Christmas week, do not forget to hang socks on the Xmas tree. It goes without saying that the socks should be knitted up. Here is an example from the shop Needles and Pins in Keswick, made with the yarn Knitcol.

ODEON LAME - Have fun with your decorations

In the Christmas period it is surely amusing to knit up our own colorful accessories. Even more fun can be to decorate them with such a bright yarn as Odeon Lamé. It is a lurex thread that will give your garments all the energy of the Christmas decoration, arising your friends' admiration. Available also in the new "Xmas red"

Christmas fancy yarns

Get ready for Christmas! The Adriafil collection includes several items conceived for the Christmas period. Fancy yarns enriched with lurex thread for brighter accessories (Malizia, Libero, Capriccio, Elite), fur yarns (Miro) and yarns with transparent sequence (Nina, Giada) to decorate your Christmas garments. Finally, Gold and Odeon Lamé are shiny fancy yarns for the evenings at home or with friends.


A pattern that is currently appreciated by our customers and fans. The dress "Curiosa" is a pinafore dress, open in front with big buttons and finished in treble worked using a fur stitch. Candy is a super chunky yarn, suitable for the winter months, mainly thanks to the alpaca component that characterizes it. Pattern book: Dritto & Rovescio 51

Yarn Soffio Plus

The tenderness od fine mohair, the comfort of a pure fibre made in Italy, a wide colour range to dress fashionably and show bright colours in any winter day. It is the yarn Soffio Plus , 150 mt in 50 gr ball, our suggestion for the month of December.

AZZURRA: a thin and delicate yarn

30 different colours for children and adults for the yarn Azzurra, an Adriafil classic. The 70% wool content ensures a very good quality to this 3 ply yarn, very thin and delicate, that measures 225 mt. Amuse yourself with small needles and make your children happy! You can find Azzurra patterns also on the latest Children Patteln Book released by Adriafil.

Adriafil: Scarfs of all kinds, easy to knit.

Adriafil will get to the Christmas period with plenty of present ideas to suggest. Thanks to the Faidate method, you can make easy and comfortable scarfs directly with your hands. The demand for the yarns Magia, Sultano and Genio is increasing because they constitute a very nice present for your friends to create by themselves their own accessories. With the new yarn VOILA, surprise and pleasure are granted: it is an already knitted ribbon to which you just add the spinning shape with simple crochet movements. The result is soft and trendy. Think in advance to your Christmas presents and visit your closest yarn retailer...


A pretty pattern idea coming directly from France! It shows us the multicolour effect of the yarn Duo Plus (merino wool and Egyptian cotton blend) in a way that really brings out all the elegance that this pure fibre deserves. For you to enjoy and try on your own as well with this yarn or with the other self-striping yarns of our collection (knitcol, impulso, caracas, fiore...)

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