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New yarn: Carioca an explosion of colours with a tropical taste!

A refined explosion of colours with a tropical taste... it's called Carioca and it will make your summer closet sparkle! Lightweight, elegant, enhanced by the linen component... definitely worth trying! The yarn is available in 6 different colours, let yourself be tempted by the shade card

Knitting and crochet ideas for all tastes on Dritto & Rovescio nr. 56 spring/summer edition!

Spring has come and the will to renew and enrich summer closet is very minute stronger! Browse Knitting and crochet ideas for all tastes on Dritto & Rovescio nr. 56 spring/summer edition, you'll find many beautiful patterns to knit with Adriafil yarns! Elegant garments with a charming touch of retrò, knitted sportswear, floral motifs, fresh and vivid colours and moreover the crochet, a timeless passion, plays a major role! This and much more included in Dritto & Rovescio magazine by Adriafil, nr. 56, easily purchasable from your armchair at the following Knitting and crochet ideas for all tastes on link spring/summer edition!!

Hello spring! And welcome too new colours of Cachemire yarn!

Hello spring! And welcome too new colours of Cachemire yarn! Precious colours for a precious yarn, 100% made in Italy and a shade card suitable for the whole family... Already available, ask your Adriafil trusted retailer!

Pattern idea: Kristy, a precious matching of fibres for a chic pullover

A special matching: extrafine alpaca and mohair for a unique garment. The softness and the preciousness of Sierra Andina and Kid Mohair yarns join together for the creation of the lovely sleeveless pullover "kristy", knitted with openwork and cable pattern and included in the Dritto & Rovescio magazine nr. 55; discover the whole winter patterns collection!

Soffio Plus yarn paints itself new!

Warm chocolate brown, deep dark green, elegant hazel and autumnal rust red: new colours for all tastes for Soffio Plus, the classic soft and warm yarn by Adriafil with a precious component of mohair. Come and discover the new colours, already available, here's the shade card

For your Knitcol dreams...

Here's a news to start the weekend: new beautiful patterns for your Knitcol dreams! Pullovers, cardigans, tops...for all tastes! Ask your Adriafil trusted dealer!

Knitting ideas: "Cameron", the pull suitable for every occasion

Today Adriafil gives you as a gift the pattern for knitting "Cameron", this elegant pull in natural colours made with the classic wool blend yarn by Adriafil that never lets you down, available in a various and large color scale. We're talking about Mirage! Download for free the pattern and enjoy your weekend with Adriafil!

New jacquard effect yarn: Stella Jacq!

Looking for an easy jacquard yarn? The brand new Stella Jacq by Adriafil is the way! Soft aran/worsted 100% merino yarn, already in stock, available in 6 colorful shades! What's yours? Here's the Stella Jacq!

Projects for the Advent time, with Carezza yarn!

Fluffy clouds on your Christmas tree! Lovely project for Advent time... every bauble is knitted with the precious angora of Carezza yarn by Adriafil! The pattern is downloadable for free at the following link: . Everyone can customise its own Christmas balls set, what will be the colour of your 2013 Christmas decorations? Look at the shade card of Carezza yarn! We'd like to thank the raveler "Lowevic" for sharing this delicious project, based on the pattern "Snowman Knitted Ornament" (courtesy of Rachel Hooper)

Comfortably... colorful! New shades for Duo Comfort

Upcoming news for the cold season, wonderful colours for all the family have enriched the shade card of Duo Comfort by Adriafil, the yarn suitable for all seasons, thanks to its wise mix of pure merino wool and cotton! Delicate shades of green and old-rose, trendy mustard colour and peach... Are you curious? Here's the shade card!

Looking for some knitting ideas? Dritto & Rovescio magazine by Adriafil nr.55, ideas for everybody!

Dritto & Rovescio magazine has got an idea for everyone and for every taste! Comfortable pullovers, elegant cardigans, charming accessories... where Adriafil yarns are the protagonists! What are you waiting for? Dritto & Rovescio magazine by Adriafil is purchasable online! Order your copy comfortably from your armchair!

New yarn: KAPPA2, the yarn for high altitudes

Kappa2, as suggested by its name, is a yarn for high altitudes, versatile and practical. The elegance of bouclé and the practicality of stretch effect coexist and give softness and resistance to the garments; for this reason the yarn Kappa2 is particularly suitable for knitting warm and wrapping garments, perfect for high altitudes. Kappa2 is made in 8 different shades with a classic taste.

New yarn: DIABLO, the devil has had a hand in this!

It’s not a fur but it looks like… shades of colour enrich the grey base in every available tone: warm and autumnal colour with red and orange shades (71), cold and winter colours where purple bosses the show (70, 74), colours that remind of nature, where green melt with pink (72) and thev brown of the ground mix with the blue of water (73), up to the tones of beige that give elegance to the garments with a touch of black. Diablo yarn is perfect for those who love to stand out, it’s ideal for knitting accessories like poncho, scarves, hats and bags or to enrich modern knitwear.

New yarn: VESUVIO, a twist of flames

Tubular structure for this 50/50 blended yarn, with a shade card warm and autumnal. The fundamental trait of this yarn is the presence of little coloured “knots”, that look like flames; knitting Stockinette is enough for creating an original color effect on a solid colour base. Nice to the touch for the original surface that creates on the garments, Vesuvio yarn is ideal for knitting warm and wrapping accessories, like poncho or shoulder warmers, but it’s perfect for original pullovers as well.

New yarn: CRISTALLO, the elegance of a spark

Sparkling and elegant like crystal, this brand new yarn by Adriafil is worth getting to know better! With its charming shades and lamé sparks that give movement to the surface, Cristallo yarn will make your garments unique. It’s made in 8 different wisely mixed shades, from the cold tones of blue (57) and grey (56), to the warm ones of autumn with the shades of red (53) orange (55) and brown (54), going through a lovely green (52), a funny multicolor mix (51) and a variety of natural tones (50).

New yarn: ALCHIMIA, a magical mix of fibers!

An alchemy is an uncommon combination of different elements that leads up to an impressive result: quite like the brand new yarn Alchimia by Adriafil, an original combination of fibers and colours, where the contrast effect is guaranteed. The thread inserted in every shade juices up the classic color range of Alchimia and creates sensational colour effects; ideal for knitting cardigan or pulls.

New yarn: UNICO in name and in fact!

What we introduce you today is not a simple yarn: it’s a unique piece of Adriafil collection! A unique composition, made of a wise mix of wool, acrylic fibre and baby alpaca; the innovative process which the wool (called ultratec) it’s been subjected to, makes the yarn machine washable, still keeping a soft and gentle trait, thanks to the presence of alpaca as well. And what about the shade card? Unique! UNICO yarn is made in 16 mélange shades, suitable for all family, bright colours, classic colours and delicate ones. One of a kind!

New yarn: OLIMPO, like diving in a fluffy colorful cloud!

This brand new yarn by Adriafil is delicate to the sight and to the touch as well, a warm cuddle for your skin! What’s the secret ingredient? It’s mohair, that makes this raised yarn soft and light like a… coloured cloud! The insertion of multicolor threads exalts the plain base of Olimpo yarn and creates a lovely dotted effect for every brilliant shade proposed.

New season, new collection!

New and original yarn structures, precious components, sparks, color and fibers effects: Adriafil sets aside this and much more for new autumn/winter season 2013/14, 7 new fancies for enriching your look during the cold season… There's something to suit everybody's fancy! From next Monday on, we’ll introduce you new yarns, one per week, so stay stuned and check our homepage! A small preview… no spoilers !:)

Fancy cotton yarns by Adriafil... let your fantasy run wild!

Like a fashion show, on the catwalk we find a collection of fancy cotton yarns by Adriafil, mercerized, natural, printed, multicolour, fluo... for all tastes! Feast your eyes watching the video! At the following link the whole collection of fancy cotton yarns by Adriafil.

The pureness of the fibre: trust Adriafil!

Purity test for Genziana yarn by Adriafil: passed with full marks! The more the fibre is thin, the more the wool is soft: the unit of measurement for fibre thinness is micron and the average referred to extrafine merino wool is 19,5. The result of the test is certainly not a surprise, but a confirmation! 19,28 is the measure for Genziana merino fibre… because we always want to give you the best!

Mako 5: an exclusive accessory set!

This summer we see the comeback of a loved trend: laces and crochet for enriching garments and making accessories… that is the most adored word in the feminine world! And bags are certainly the favourite ones, better if combined with an elegant corsage brooch, as in “Margharet” pattern (from Dritto & Rovescio 52), crocheted with the pure Egyptian cotton of Uno A Mako 5 by Adriafil. Want to take a look to the yarn sheet? The colored lining of the bag exalts the crochet stitch motif that creates a lovely pattern; single, double and triple crochet join stylishly together for giving birth to this exclusive accessories set, ideal for enriching your summer look . Click for free pattern and sketches. Have a nice knitting with Adriafil!

Cheope turns itself blue!

Our precious Cheope yarn (100% Egyptian mercerized cotton!), turns itself blue for summer 2013! Have you already seen the brand new delicious and trendy ocean blue (col. 62) that joined the wonderful color range of this yarn? How about that?

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