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Fancy to be "fluorescent" for Christmas time? Here's Mirage fluo!

Here's a very original garment that mix and match together a classic timeless yarn like Mirage, that is suitable for every kind of project, to the peculiarity of the fluorescent tone, enhanced by a pied-de-poule knitting technique. Want to try? You can find the pattern included in Dritto & Rovescio magazine nr. 57, have a nice knitting with Adriafil!

New yarn: SAETTA, flames of energy

Like flashes in the sky, little coloured flames enrich and enhance the elegant melange grey base... SAETTA is available in 8 different shades, even fluorescent! This yarn is perfect for those who want to distinguish themselves and for the discrete ones as well

New yarn: ASSO, here's the ace in the sleeve!

The brightness of the natural base, the cheerfulness of the shades, the softness to the touch and the amazing selfstriping effect, all in one yarn: ASSO! 6 wonderful shades available, come and discover the shade card!

New yarn: Riflessi, brightness and elegance

Brightness and reflections play together on the surface of your garments, elegance is guaranteed with the brand new yarn Riflessi by Adriafil! It's lightweight on the skin and soft to the touch and it's available in 10 different shades suitable for the whole family.

Brand new shades for Stella Alpina yarn!

News is the password! Brand new trendy shades for the pure merino wool of Stella Alpina yarn as well! Colours number 66, 67, 68, 69, 70 e 71 will enrich the choice, we are talking about a charming pearl grey, a delicate light green perfect for baby garments, an intense fuchsia, a cheerful grass green, a trendy bright blue and an elegant camel colour. Come and discover them all!

New yarn: CORTINA, the charme of shading

Charming shades for a versatile yarn, offered in a wonderful range of both classic and trendy colours, enriched by a component of alpaca that makes it even more soft and irresistible. The color range includes eight shades, among which we can find some "must have" for the coming winter season, such as the delicate aqua green, the intense emerald green and the strong strawberry red. Cortina, with its selfstriping motif, is suitable for knitting original and dressy garments. Let's discover together the whole color range!

New shades for Primula yarn: even more intense!

Even more intense shades for Primula yarn this winter! For the coming cold season, fashionable shades have been enhanced in their intensity; the shade card has been enriched by a deep purple, a bright red and an intense camel color, respectively color number 66, 27 and 69.

New yarn: SCOZIA, the tweed wears softness

Adriafil proposes the innovation of a timeless yarn. The tweed gains softness and trendy shades, it's ideal for those who love the 'buttoned effect' but don't want to give up to the comfort on the skin. Scozia is a strong chunky versatile yarn, perfect for knitting fashionable cardigans and pullovers. Let's discover the shade card!

New colours for KNITCOL yarn!

The shade card of KNITCOL yarn renews itself! To guarantee a wider selection we have five new entries, that are col. 66, 67, 68, 69, 70. Every colour is characterized by brilliant tone-on-tone shades, definitely new and original. Discover the whole shade card!

Pattern idea: Sapphire, the importance of accessories

Accessories play a fundamental role, even during the warm season. In this shawl is displayed a charming crochet stitches effet that well emphasizes the perciousness and the brightness of the Egyptian cotton Snappy Ball. On Dritto & Rovescio magazine nr. 56 you'll find this pattern and much more; get your copy, comfy from your armchair, on this page!

Free pattern: Sheila, the crop-top to be always trendy!

A fresh and sparkling fluorescent yarn for a young and trendy pattern: Sheila, the crop-top that you need in your summer closet: perfect for an happy hour on the beach but ideal even on a close-fitting pull, when it's not too warm. Here's the easy downloadable free pattern! Browse the shade card of Spritz yarn and choose the colour of your top!

Pattern idea: white girlie shirt in Cheope yarn

Cheope yarn makes the garments of your babies even more precious! Here's a lovely girlie white shirt knitted in Cheope , the classic mercerized 100% Egyptian cotton yarn, guarantee of long lasting quality. The pattern (mod. 2003) is included in Dritto & Rovescio magazine by Adriafil, Junior trends special issue! Ask your own copy to your LYS!

Brand new shades for Cheope!

The most classic yarn among Adriafil cotton yarns, Cheope, renews its shade card to give a breath of fresh air to your summer garments! Aviation blue, yellow sun, mint green and lobster orange, trendy shades for all tastes and ages, here's the shade card!

Pattern idea: Stephanie dress in Cheope yarn!

Here's a colorful and cheerful pattern idea; this lovely dress with flounces is made with Cheope, the 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton yarn which gives brightness to the garments, year after year. In this pattern have been used many shades, browse the shade card and chose your color matching!

Nature yarn: a certain shade of grey... is always necessary!

Naturally Nature, a classic Egyptian cotton yarn non mercerized, soft and natural looking; its rich and various shade card has been enriched by the entry of an elegant shade of grey, that is always necessary!

Pattern idea: poetry of shades for Amalia top!

Brightness and poetry of shades for this comfortable and trendy top; Slogan yarn gives mellowness and pleasant shaded effect to the top "Amalia". Fancy to knit by yourself your own Amalia top? Here's the pattern for free download!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you creatives... with the sweetness of Adriafil yarns!

New colours for Snappy Ball yarn!

Snappy Ball, the pure Egyptian cotton yarn that combines quality and convenience in a 200gr ball, renews itself with the entry of two elegant shades: let yourself be tempted by the intense emerald green (69) and the passe-partout grey (68), suitable for every occasion... Various and cheerful the whole shade card, let's discover it together!

New yarn: Scout! Colour and quality for an original and sportswear yarn

Original and cool yarn, ideal for sporstmen and at the same time for those who love to wear with style; Scout is a soft mélange grey ribbon made in Egyptian cotton crossed by a colorful and lively thread; perfect for those who love to wear the classic "hoodie" but who can't do without a quality yarn. It's available in 8 sparkling shades... summer paints itself fluorescent!

Knitting idea: pure light with Diana pullover!

Pure light in pure Egyptian cotton, for this fresh model with a spring-like flavour! For knitting it you only need 6 skeins of Memphis yarn ... and have a look at the many available shades! Pattern is FREE and dowloadable at the following linkPattern is FREE and dowloadable at the following link

New colours: summer in technicolor with Memphis yarn!

Trend and refinement for Memphis yarn new colours entries... the color family has been enriched for this 100% pure Egyptian mercerized cotton yarn... Wonderful, aren't they? Summer in technicolor! 14, 15 and 16 are the color ref, intense old-rose, deep emerald-turquoise and fresh mint green! Shade card at your fingertips!

New yarn: Carioca an explosion of colours with a tropical taste!

A refined explosion of colours with a tropical taste... it's called Carioca and it will make your summer closet sparkle! Lightweight, elegant, enhanced by the linen component... definitely worth trying! The yarn is available in 6 different colours, let yourself be tempted by the shade card

Knitting and crochet ideas for all tastes on Dritto & Rovescio nr. 56 spring/summer edition!

Spring has come and the will to renew and enrich summer closet is very minute stronger! Browse Knitting and crochet ideas for all tastes on Dritto & Rovescio nr. 56 spring/summer edition, you'll find many beautiful patterns to knit with Adriafil yarns! Elegant garments with a charming touch of retrò, knitted sportswear, floral motifs, fresh and vivid colours and moreover the crochet, a timeless passion, plays a major role! This and much more included in Dritto & Rovescio magazine by Adriafil, nr. 56, easily purchasable from your armchair at the following Knitting and crochet ideas for all tastes on link spring/summer edition!!

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