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Brand new baby pattern collection!

Already seen our brand new baby pattern collection? Lovely cardigans, comfortable pullovers, rock and roll jackets for your special little one! What about the yarns? Quality yarns, for your precious babies! The colorful Knitcol the precious Cachemire and Sierra Andina, the original Mistero.. ask your LYS to see them all!!

WIN an HITA HAT d.i.y. REFILL crochet kit with #meandmydaddy contest!

Italian #fathersday is coming... there's a new Hita Hat #contest waiting for you! This time we want to dedicate it to the little ones and to their imagination! A nursery rhyme, a sketch, a dedication, a poetry dedicated to the daddies... me, daddy and #hitahat... take a picture of what your little one created and share it with us on Hita Hat Facebook page! Remember to insert the hashtag #hitahat and #ioeilmiopapà and the mention the page @hitahat to let us find you! ;)

WIN an HITA HAT d.i.y. kit with #myhitahat contest!

The cold winter won't stop us! At the park, at the mountain, at the sea, during your walks or during sports, Hita Hat is always with you... in everyday life and in the free time! Take part in our second #myhitahat contest with your original and funny pictures! Have you missed the first #myhitahat contest? Don't miss #myhitahat contest reloaded! What's the prize? An Hita Hat D.I.Y. kit: crochet hook, leaflet with explanation, label to sew-on, gift box and the necessary yarn balls, with the guarantee of an high quality yarn, powered by Adriafil! Taking part and win is easy, click here to discover the guidelines! We're waiting for your pictures! :)Taking part and win is easy, click here to discover the guidelines! We're waiting for your pictures! :)

Adriafil New Zealand Print: multicolor is trendy!

Multicolor? More and more trendy! Matched with a tone-on-tone plain colour or even by itself: here's the guarantee of an amazing effect simply wokring Stocking stitch! :) New Zealand Print, with its 75% of quality virgin wool, in its ball of 200 mt for 100 grams, renews itself with 3 wonderful printed shades: 48, 49 and 50! Check the shade card!

Lana Naturale Inca, what a precious mix!

The perfect mix of extra-fine merino wool and alpaca does exists... it's called Lana Naturale Inca! It's a very versatile and soft yarn, that gives a solid texture and an impeccable result. It's available in a shade card with natural tones in a plain version and in a mouliné one. Have you already seen the cardigan Terry? You can find the instructions included in Dritto & Rovescio 59, at your local yarn store or on Ravelry as single leaflet!;)

New yarn: Zebrino, enjoy your knitting time

Stripes and colour, must-have for the cold season, give shape to this cheerful yarn, where the pleasant multicolor effect perfectly melts with the grey mélange base. A charming yarn ball for this amazing yarn...How to resist? Here's the complete shade card!

New yarn: let's discover EtaBeta!

Here's a brand new soft slub yarn, with an innovative "thick and thin" structure. Light and shadow effects for EtaBeta, that is available in 8 different charming and trendy vintage-flavored shades. ‪Perfect for accessories, as well as cardigans and pullovers.

fantasia your knitting..

Ready for the autumn/winter season? Lots of news are coming, for all tastes! Snug and slub yarn, the come back of the elegant bouclé, trendy stripes and colours, dream-like soft yarns... stay tuned, Adriafil will surprise you as usual!

Uno a Ritorto 16: a colorful rainbow

Brand new trendy colors to the classic range of 5, 8 and 16 size. The pure Egyptian Makò cotton is a perfect fibre for your summer crochet models. With needles, crochet or machine-knitting? You can't go wrong!

Cheope: the colour charts is growing!

Peach (06), sea green (19), ocean blue (63) e forest green (64). These are the new colors of 100% egyptian cotton Cheope. The Ball? Mt 135 (148,53 yards) and 50 gram of good quality. Unique and evergreen. Discover it!

Brand new "elements" in the color range of Snappy Ball yarn!

Earth, water, air, fire... brand new elements in the rich shade card of ‪Snappy Ballyarn by ‎Adriafil‬... What's your favourite one? Don't miss the quality and convenience of a pure Egyptian cotton in a 200 g ball yarn!

Pattern idea LOTUS: be trendy with the crochet top in Faraone 8

The crochet top is a must-have for the summer! Did you know that? Here's a lovely example to make with the pure Egyptian cotton yarn Faraone 8 following the practical instructions included in the patterns collection of the brand new spring/summer magazine Dritto & Rovescio 58 Adriafil! Let's prepare the crochet hook!

New yarn: Vegalux, light and elegance

Be trendy with the sparkling cotton yarn! Lamé sparks make the garments precious and elegant, thanks to the tone-on-tone lamé thread that goes through Vegalux yarn in its whole length. A cheerful shade card for this flat yarn suitable for all projects!

Feel of ripple afghan crochet? Pattern idea "Lilac", Cheope yarn

Summer on top with ripple afghan motifs! Prepare your crochet hook and make easily the gilet "Lilac" with the pattern included in Dritto & Rovescio magazine nr. 58, purchasable from your armchair, it only takes a click;)

New pastel shades for Nature yarn!

The power of Nature yarn lives in its naturalness; this pure Egyptian cotton yarn, soft and non-mercerized, renews itself for this spring sseason with 5 brand new delicate shades, shabby-chic looking. Pale powder, old-rose, loden green, dove colour and lilac insert themselves in a Nature suitable for all tastes.

New yarn: GALASSIA, an univers of sequins

Like in a galaxy full of stars, little silver micro-sequins will light up gently the garments. Galassia is an elegant and versatile yarn, available in 12 shades suitable for every occasion, from subtle to intense tones, for those who always want to be trendy. Let's discover together the shade card!

The colours of the waves for Memphis yarn

New delicate but intense shades enrich the shade card of Memphis yarn, pure Egyptian mercerized DK cotton. Deep blue (81), pastel lilac (80), sea green (18), let's discover them together!

New yarn: KIMERA the power of colour!

A breath of fresh air, an explosion of colour: it's called KIMERA and it's a brand new yarn from Adriafil spring/summer collection! Pure Egyptian mercerized cotton, resistant and bright, Kimera is available in 8 different shades exotic-flavored. Finally a cotton self-patterning yarn! You will get original and pleasant designs by simply knitting Stocking st... definitely to try!

Welcome March, welcome spring... welcome to the first colorful Adriafil "fruits" of the spring/summer collection!

Let's give our welcome to the "first fruits" of the spring/summer Adriafil collection! Charming sequins, lamé threads tone-on-tone, selfpatterning multicolour yarns, lots of brand new shades in the classic range... this and much more in Adriafil spring/summer collection, stay tuned for the meet & greet!

Discover the brand new spring/summer collection: Dritto & Rovescio 58!

Charming, fanciful, fresh: these are the new models from Adriafil spring/summer collection! Come and discover the brand new magazine Dritto & Rovescio 58 on the website or at your local yarn store!

Pattern idea: AQUAMARINE, the mid-season hoodie, in Scout yarn

A young garment for the mid-season, conceived in Scout yarn, the grey ribbon cotton yarn with a grey base that is crossed by a colourful thread. Pocket and hood are a must for the sportsmen... fancy to knit yours? Pattern included in Dritto & Rovescio magazine nr. 56!

Fancy to be "fluorescent" for Christmas time? Here's Mirage fluo!

Here's a very original garment that mix and match together a classic timeless yarn like Mirage, that is suitable for every kind of project, to the peculiarity of the fluorescent tone, enhanced by a pied-de-poule knitting technique. Want to try? You can find the pattern included in Dritto & Rovescio magazine nr. 57, have a nice knitting with Adriafil!

New yarn: SAETTA, flames of energy

Like flashes in the sky, little coloured flames enrich and enhance the elegant melange grey base... SAETTA is available in 8 different shades, even fluorescent! This yarn is perfect for those who want to distinguish themselves and for the discrete ones as well

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