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RETRO'... knit it!!

The Retro’ yarn is another pearl in Adriafil collection. It makes you willing to work with it just by looking at it, because its worm and retro’ colours have been conceived in a unique way. The final interesting pattern of the garments is created by little circles in various shades.

CARACAS: attractive designs

Adriafil “school of colours” will amaze you with a new incredible effect. This yarn shows you how from a classic and linear thread we can create a high quality design. Imagine the sound of the streets in Caracas and visualise it in the colours of this yarn that alternate themselves creating new versatile patterns.

SINERGIA: a "sinergy" of colours and effects

The structure of the Sinergia (“synergy”) yarn is very peculiar, a construction to be enjoyed in all the details and in the final effect of the garment that results from it. Strings of yarn in different colours - apparently printed – are obtained by mixing the shades of different flocks of wool, are skilfully sewed on a black pivotal thread… a true synergy among different colours. How delightful it is to work such a yarn!

A very peculiar print in a superwash merino: RAP

This pattern displays colourful dots that decorate our fine merino yarn superwash. The effect is marvellous for its delicacy and it is made of a very peculiar print that makes it impossible to distinguish the exact colours that compose it, creating such a uniform pattern. The Rap yarn can make of any garment design a success!

SCINTILLA with elegance

The Scintilla yarn (“spark”) is at the same time a simple, elegant and precious article. As a spark would do, a lame string jumps out of this soft and lively mohair. Try the final effect that this yarn will give to your garment to really appreciate its virtue.

A garment with only two balls:PERU'

Another printed project signed “Adriafil”. It is a delightful and innovative fashion shade which is displayed on the thread in form of colourful lines. The combination and the sequence of colours are the secret of the beauty of the final Perù shades. Conceived in CONVENIENT 200 gr. balls in order to make beautiful garments by using only two balls!!

VIRGOLA: soft fancy mohair

Virgola yarn (“wisp”)is a rich fancy yarn in soft mohair minutely processed. It appears as a soft bouclé thread made unique by a “wisp” that shows all the liveliness of this article.

Autumnal colours: MISTERO

For its softness and lightness this yarn is presented in a series of mysterious shades, inspired by the autumnal colours. Extraordinary price for such a peculiar yarn.

OPTICAL: knitting with fantasy

The Optical yarn offers you high quality and design at a fair price. Extraordinary optical effects deriving from coloured illusions in shape of “flames” on a black & white base.

The shades of FUMETTO

A fine twisting characterizes the Fumetto yarn (“smoky”), together with a double print and a “flame” which gives it an irresistible highlight effect thanks to its marvellous autumnal colours.

PurCachemire 100% made in Italy

The most precious, the most sophisticate, the sweetest... A true gift in the collection. The jewel of all yarns has arrived. 100% pure Cachemire. 100% first quality in Italy guaranteed. Offered in a beautiful range of lively and delicate or classic colours.


Our time is characterised by wellness and ecological care and this is the context where this yarn has been created. Its shades remind us the nature and in fact natural fibres make up this yarn. Silk and linen give a special touch to this wonderful yarn.


A cotton yarn, which is characterised by delicate shades enriched by coloured spots that make the stitch lively. All colours are new fashion shades wisely matched: pastel shades such as water green, lilac and pink; sandy shades as rust, beige and brown; gaudy colours as green-yellow and orange; deep colours as purple and blue.


A 100% cotton yarn dyed with a brand-new technique. Its shades merge with separated stripes on plain coloured base. Two are the suggested shades on five coloured bases.


As a delicious colourful fruit salad, this 100% cotton yarn is a mix of colours with a vintage effect. The yarn is proposed in six shades of which each one is composed of 3 nuances. This yarn is suitable even for children.

Die Klassische Garne

immer eleganten und kostbaren, die klassische Garne Adriafil werden mit dem besten Rohstoff und vorsichtigen modernen Produktionsprozessen gemacht. Auf diese Art möchten wir alle Wolleeigenschaft beibehalten und Qualität versichern. Alle Garne Adriafil werden in Italien nach den vorsichtigen und modernen Standards Adriafil produziert.

Zaffiro, a new generation Mohair yarn

It takes very few balls to create garments with this yarn. “Zaffiro” is a new generation stretch Mohair yarn with which you can manufacture very light and warm garments. The garment stretches and clings to the body and it warms the grey winter days. They are melange colours, delicate and soft and they perfectly fit in with the kind of thread.

Ambra, exclusive mixed yarn

This new yarn, composed by at 80% wool and 20% nylon, enriches the array of the Adriafil mixed yarns. “Ambra” sets itself apart thanks to the new and exclusive effect: the dotty effect. It is delicate and resistant at the same time and it is suitable for any kind of knitting: for men, women but above all kids and young people!

Opale, popular yarn

The “Opale” yarn has already met with success: it is a Mohair yarn which will surely provide emotions. Black is the predominant colour and together with the elegant shades it makes it excellent. It is soft and velvety and it will not let you down.

Quarzo, chromatic effect

This is another precious Mohair product from Adriafil. “Quarzo”features an amazing coloring. The chromatic effect is created by the combination of plain colour thread and a multicolour thread which gives rise to exclusive reflections.

An amazing pearl-like effect

This new fancy is permeated by elegance and charm. The soft shades, the bouclè Mohair yarn and the pompon fancy yarn join to create a pearl-like effect. This composition also offers extremely comfortable garments.

The precious Ametista

This “discovery” takes the name of a gem: the amethyst. This wonderful mineral takes on different amazing shades according to the light which goes through it... By the same token, the “Ametista” yarn takes on different looks thanks to the alternation of wool and a new polyamide anallergic fibre. An extraordinary interplay of colours between mat and shine.

Naif, the latest fashion

“Naif” is a funny fancy yarn alternatively characterized by “flame” and “fringe” features. It is especially suitable to create scarves, coats and ponchos to keep abreast of the times. It is available in several colours, from the softest to the brightest.

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