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Speed-knitting Guinness World Record. Adriafil is official sponsor.

Adriafil is the official sponsor of Miriam Tegels. Miriam deteines the Guinnes World Record for speed-knitting. The official record has been reached the 26th of Augut 2006. Her result was 118 stitches in 1 minute. It needs to be told that many competitions calculate the stitches performed in 3 minutes. The stitches that Miriam Tegels has accomplished in 3 minutes time are 298 (Rotterdam, October 2007). In March 2009, in Cologne, the german champion knitted 223 stitches in 3 minutes.

Metropolitan fashion... Yarn bombing in USA.

It is also known as "graffiti knitting" and it is one of many forms of underground art that is receiving growing attention in the United States. The idea is very simple: using yarn leftovers or multicoloured fancy yarns - with a simple stitch or crocheted - on public surfaces. This allows people to "paint" and personalize cold or sterile public surfaces without using sprays or chalk, that contributed in throwing negativity on the "murales" artworks. Using yarn transforms is environmental-friendly and allows young artists to keep their art concept in place. A famous artist of this movement is a sculptor named Dave Cole. Find the pictures of his works on the internet. More will follow on this subject...

Change needle! Try Adriafil Navy

It is almost summer time. The days are getting longer and hot days are coming back. Still, if at night you feel the need of something warm, try a shawl or a going-out garment in Adriafil Navy. Navy is a chunky cotton (needle 6) that will allow you to keep yourself warm while enjoying the tenderness of Adriafil cotton. The acrylic component of this yarn is necessary to keep the garment light after washing. Navy is proposed in an interesting collection of warm and fashion shades, to invite you to knit classic pulls or fancy summer accessories.

New Adriafil website!

The new Adriafil website is on line! Structured in a more functional way, with pattern ideas easier to find and knit and a more pleasant design.. check the news and the new collection and explore Adriafil world..

Why should you choose Adriafil Cheope?

Here are some technical information about the yarn Cheope, in order to remind you what constitute the Adriafil quality that you can buy in your closest shop. Cheope is a yarn entirely produced with Egyptian cotton. Its structure is made of 18 threads. The basic thread is called "30" (which means that it is so thin that it takes 30000 mts to make 1 Kg of it!) The "30" thread is at first doubled to obtain what is called "30/2". This is eventually tripled obtaining the "30/2x3 - so a "30" thread doubled and tripled. What is resulting is tripled once again by obtaining a final "30/2x3x3" which is ADRIAFIL CHEOPE: 135 mts in a 50 gr. ball. Fine cotton indeed!

Snappy Ball & Cheope. A spring choice.

Finally!! With a mild spring coming out it is nice to go out and enjoy the warmth of the sun... We suggest the right garment to do it with the greatest comfort. You can knit it with the Snappy Ball yarn but also with Cheope, the two most successful Adriafil 100% egyptian cotton yarns...

Exclusives patterns! Cuffs also..

A garment to be tried for the originality of the details.. the cuffs. Pattern instructions can be found in the website

Knitting School for children

Teenagers and kids learn how to knit at a very young age. Adriafil promoted a “knitting school” for kids older that 6 among the many initiatives of the latest tade shows in Europe.

Adriafil exhibiting in Cologne

Cologne has the best reputation among the international hobby and craft exhibitions. Adriafil will be at Handerbeit and will be present with a more elegant space. Adriafil classic and fancy yarns are always source of inspiration for all kind of knitters and retailers that have the possibility to create more inventive garments, accessories and decorations with them. From the 26th to the 28th of March, in the heart of Europe, Adriafil exhibits the originality of a product Made in Italy and its constantly evolving design.

Sorrento yarn to stimulate your fantasy

Among the latest fashion yarns we want to recommend SORRENTO. A very elegant effect yarn to create classy garments. The polyammide creates a stunning bright effect to the knitted fabric. Why knitting otherwise??? Find the instructions to knit up the top Cristallo on our website. Check how easy it is to make an exclusive garment!

DUO Comfort: spring is coming

Spring is coming : this is time for DUO COMFORT. A soft and light yarn made of precious Egyptian cotton and merino wool. Wellness guaranteed during the mid season. Duo comfort has a wide range of colours in order to create more classic garments but also for those who like to astonish with new trends. Duo Comfort is obviously suitable for children and for those who does not tolerate wool on bare skin.

Uno a makò 5 Uno a makò 8 ...go for them...

Here are the most demanded crochet cotton thicknesses of the month. Makò is the classic Egyptian cotton that we suggest to all our customers, perfect for every crochet work. It is produced in 30 different colours, both classic and trendy. Its long fibre grants excellent results both in hand-knitting and machine-knitting projects. Everyone trying this yarn was amazed by the quality of the thread and the facility of crocheting with it, besides the fact that it is fun to crochet with some of our bright colours!

Hobby, Craft & Stitch show

Adriafil is back from the Hobby Stitch & Craft show in Birmingham. The staff would like to thank all the customers that visited us and all those that have shown interest in our collection. Many liked the change in style of the Adriafil stand, the new logo of the company and the new look of the yarn exhibition. Many were well impressed by the new winter collection and the new fashion colours of the classic yarns. A good surprise consisted also in a few men, constantly knitting on the stand! There is nothing strange about it folks… Knitting Adriafil is for everyone…

Crocheting is back!

Crocheting is back! In view of summer 2010, many consumers are thinking to challenge themselves with a crochet project. New magazines are being released on the UK market and retailers are getting ready for an expected fine cotton wave. Tops, dresses, cardigans, accessories and much more can now be realized in Adriafil 100% Egyptian cotton yarn, Doppio Ritorto e Makò. These are the qualities that we always carry on stock in our collection, known and appreciated by our customers for the quality of the thread and the brightness of the colours. You can choose among 4 different thicknesses and several dimensions of the balls, depending on your next project!

New & interesting! Dritto & Rovescio n. 48 on line

What will your next knitting project be for the summer? A T-Shirt for the beach or a long sleeve jacket for the night? And what about a nice twin set for your children and grandchildren? All this and many new knitting ideas in the new Adriafil Magazine Dritto & Rovescio n. 48, available now on line. Get it quickly, choose your favourite pattern and enjoy your work!

Soffio Plus: classic, soft, mohair...

Finally a mohair yarn in the most requested thickness! All the fineness and the softness of mohair are transferred to this yarn, conferring a breezy, warm and shiny look to it. The best mohair fibre makes it a pleasure for anyone to work with Soffio. With 150 mt of yarn in a 50 gr ball, presented in 20 fashionable shades, you will be able to knit long and comfortable garments to keep you warm during the winter months. A new Adriafil product that already becomes a classic one…

Summery Bouclette: the yarn INTRIGO

The name makes it very clear! A wise and multicoloured chaining of cotton rings that brings movement and lightness to the surface of the garment. This new summer fancy yarn is in no way inferior to a classic bouclé – actually – it is presented as a new conception bouclé yarn. The thread and the shades are very fashionable and make it perfect for summer jackets or accessories.

SMAC 2010: Adriafil exhibition in Paris

Also this year Adriafil will exhibit at the SMAC in Paris. The yearly participation to the Hobby Exhibition allows Adriafil to promote – in one of the main capitals of fashion – the corner of Made in Italy, always more attended and appreciated – as shown from the growing presence of Adriafil brand in France. On the stand from the 17th to the 19th of January to propose quality and creativity in their best shape, that of the yarn ball…


Mohair ist das Haar, das durch die Ziege von Angora produziert wird. Dieses Haar ist extrem fein, weich, leuchtend und lang. Dieses langes Garn gibt Ihre Kleidungen Leichtigkeit und Haarharmonie. Die Faser kann durch raeuen Prozesse die bekannte Mohaireffekte zu lassen: die Behaartheit. Was im Kid Mohair wirklich ist, ist die Kapazität um die Wärme, Leichtigkeit und Haarharmonie zu behalten. Mohair wird in 3 Kategorien vorgeschlagen: Kid 25-30micron, Yaoung Goats 32/34micron, und die Feinheit die Erwachsenziege bis 38-39micron. Selbstverständlich ist Kid Mohair die reichere Qualität, ein süßen und leichten Mohair, der von Adriafil benutzt wird.

Um immer speziell zu sein

Tragen ein Hand-gestricktes Kleid macht Ihnen unterschiedlich und speziell. Wenn Sie den Maximumeffekt erhalten möchten, kann das BAROQUE das Garn ohne Kompromisse sein. Barock, VIRGOLA und CAPRICCIO werden für spezielle Strickarbeiten studiert, dank ihrer Exklusivität und Eleganz.

Sierra Andina: Extrafeines Alpakagarn

Alpaka ist ein kostbares und reiches Garn: in der Vergangenheit wurde es zur imperialen Familie Incas verwendet. Heute in Peru, wo die besten klimatischen Verhältnisse finden, geben die Brüter zu dieser Wolle eine ganz besondere Aufmerksamkeit. Es ist wichtig, daß der Rohstoff Extrafine ist und das Material durch die jungen Tiere produziert wird. Das lang und fein Garn ist beständig wegen Abnutzung und Pilling. Alpaka wird in 14 natürlichen Farben vorgeschlagen, die von dieser kostbaren Brut typisch sind: in weiß, beige, kamel, rotbraun, braun und schwarz. Adriafil bietet Ihnen schöne Kombinationen von Farben an. Versuchen Sie das Alpakagarn, das nahe dem Himmel lebt!

A new charming garment: the KNITCOL

A new Adriafil charming garment to be enjoyed: the new soft merino yarn that “paints” jaquard by itself. It’s true! Just working straight and reverse you will obtain wonderful knitting garments with no difficulties at all: jacquard is easy. This result is achieved by the means of modern dying techniques of the company, together with adriafil artistic staff that works on the design of the collection. In the yarn section you can see all the possibilities of combination of the colours. Find out how simple it is to create your pattern in the picture by clicking here.

Handarbeit & Hobby

Wir würden Sie gerne in unseren Stand auf der Messe Handarbeit & Hobby in Köln einladen. Dort wird Ihnen die neue Adriafil Garn-Kollektion mit Vorschlägen, Strickmuster und Ideen für Garnlieber vorgestellt. Sie dürfen nicht fehlen!

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Dritto & Rovescio

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